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Well Here She Is

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Looking good. But that engine bay is still lacking something....hmmm.



Oh I know! Needs more dohc vtec.

yeah i know tell me about it :devil:


Good to see it at last Brian (i bet your thinking the same lol). Definite improvements all round, good to see your gonna get it lowered, looks a lil odd in 4x4 status lol. The steering wheel looks sweet, much nicer that the chunky thing that was on there before, but get that gear lever straightened up! Can you get the Honda badge on the wheel replaced? Looks a lil faded? Looking forward to seeing what it may become.


Are those wheels staying tho? :unsure:


Got any tips on the engine bay? Mine looks how yours did, I want it to look how yours does now! I've had a bit of a spray around with degreaser and washed it out, didn't exactly do much though :(

yeah i got you man ill send you a pm when i get back home, im on the iphone right now :p


and the blades are staying on for a while yeah, i love them on the sol!!!


thank you lina, it feels great to be back and working on the sol


the teins are goin on in a few hours so there will be some more pics soon, i just snapped those real quick this morning


^replace things like hoses and weird wires and housings...and then degrease! Maybe that will help...


sorry for thread jack!


So glad you are back and working on Sol :D

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youre just jealous because you dont have a HU cover. bitch


and its really nice there because you can push the buttons with your hand on the shifter still

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I fail to see any tow hooks. These pictures are FTL.

lol :effyou: rob hahaha


Those wheels look awfully familiar....


You get new shoes on them yet?

nah no new shoes yet, they are actually holding up well but im about to go get some more of those falkens that are on the front for all 4's, im just goin to get 195/45/r15's.. they kinda rub when i turn sharp >_<


and im getting rid of the slips.. too big for my dump


i think that first filter needs to be put back on.. looks better then that strange green thing



looks better with the new rims

first filter might look better but the HKS filter is better performance wise :happy:

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aaaand off to the pictures :p























thats about all i did to it today, it only took me and depe 2 hours of work to get done with the teins.. it would have been one hour but we ran into a problem on the last coil (the bolt to the LCA broke off in the stock lca so our friend gave me some GSR LCA's and im getting his GSR sway bar tomorrow)


tomorrow is new interior speakers, hook up the system, clean out the trunk (friggin leaves), put the GSR sway bar on, and bolt the center console back in :happy:

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thanks lina, it rides friggin AWESOME too!


i have the dampers set to 7/8 stiff front - 8/8 stiff rear, its a little bumpy but i like it. if i turn hard while im going it rubs a little but not too bad


im off to the system and sway bar today

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thanks for the compliments everybody, makes me happy :happy:


the first compliment i got was a little girl that was about 8 or 9 walked up to me when i parked at the softball field and she was like "i REALLY like youre car, its soo pretty!" made me smile :)


well i didnt get to the GSR sway bar because the system took all friggin day but its going to be done today


i took some night time pictures last night but as usual the pictures arent too great because theyre taken from my iphone, damn digital camera broke >_<


oh and rob, you wish has been fulfilled, my friend gave me a front towhook last night. im going to sand it and rattlecan it flatblack and see what i think about it :thumbsup: and yes i do know you were being sarcastic

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