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  1. you drove it more than 10 miles. you drove it to work and back. thats at least 60, plus us going to chipotle
  2. this or this or this usually one of the three
  3. i should have known you would make a thread like this lol
  4. d.series.org trust me you need a crap ton more.
  5. lol i just ordered my bypass filter from them, AEM was too damn expensive so umm whos the tranny in here?
  6. haha you hate the feeling of poo.

  7. i hate having all week off. no moneyz. sitting at home bored off my ass. got all my homework done sunday night lol
  8. no its not that. we have two full time department managers that are just as old as i am, one is just now 21. i wouldnt want to be a manager there anyways. i might put in for full time if i cant find a job that is related to my computer degree. but i should be done in june with school
  9. you free tomorrow? lol i texted you last night sometime but no answer hatch is ok. looks like hell. the back bumper and gate keep falling out of alignment. im still waiting to do the quarters until i can get the body straightened out somehow. i am gonna get fogs for mine soon. just dont know what kind to get. only thing i have actually done is a short ram intake. which needs to be changed because it looks like crap. aside from that ive just been working on getting my other intake manifold ported and finished up. im about done so i need to get that on you better get that damn ls. i want that header(if its not smashed lol)
  10. im workin on it. only 2 more quarters to go. i might have to take a summer class for my probability and statistics class hell no. i work at menards and with them being a private company they state that once you go full time or become a manager, its required 40 hours a week. and that they no longer have to work around my work schedule that and they wouldnt promote me to manager, they wont even give me full time lol. so fk em
  11. yeah i just couldnt come up with that kind of money so it wasnt happening. but i will be buying his fat 5's as soon as i can come up with the money. just been a super hectic week yeah im no middle of the day crew. i literally worked 1 hour this week. i went in sunday and got sent home sick and thats all i get for the week. im so damn glad school starts monday lol
  12. just around. been out of school for more than a month but depressed as crap man.
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