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  1. I need a new exhaust for the del... I should have known better then to check this forum ha Still empty I see
  2. Might be able to do that for you I think I had the del sol for 3k obo.. but I haven't exactly been 'active' in trying to sell it haha Colter will be at his new house hopefully in a couple weeks.. we can have a cookout here though and pictures :
  3. So I'm still in Ohio at Honda R&D.. still haven't met Jason even though he lives like 15minutes away.. Have met Monte and his forest green del sol.. Colter is here as well now.. he's going to live a couple blocks over and give me a garage bay since he has three and doesn't need them all I have a Fiat 500 now. I still have the Del Sol. Going to actually finish the drift Supra up sometime soon. Hopefully it'll be at an open practice next Friday. I also get to drift a S2K for work. Only had it out a couple times but it's fun. I have pictures that make it look like I'm not that bad. I shall post later.
  4. Soo colter is here now... HF meet?
  5. I didn't know this place still existed
  6. I was lied to.. it doesn't snow in ohio we have competitor cars at work
  7. went to hocking hills area for a work drive... was in suvs and thought i might die in a traverse but the area was nice
  8. return blox parts buy good parts build
  9. but yet he will not be working in engine group at honda lol
  10. I just like randomly harassing people on here now
  11. depending on how big that extra garage is and how much land it has you wouldn't qualify for the loan I told you about.. so you'd for sure have to have a decent down payment
  12. ^^this kid finds a house in the middle of no where and wants to live there
  13. DelSolSweetie

    bad idle

    Thanks! Hopefully will be redoing it one of these days to straighten it out and repaint it all white.. but I've been saying that for a while so no telling when it will actually happen
  14. Ohio seems to be a magnet for HF people
  15. WOOO I get to be mean to dumb people with no problems
  16. I agree... Jason and Monte (monte=mchester, and I don't remember jason's HF name) live here as well Bolander and Ryan are just east.. Raley is north
  17. DelSolSweetie

    bad idle

    business card?
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