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    2005 Civic EX S.E. Coupe
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    Currently: 2.25" black exhaust, 20% Tint, Kicker/Boston Sound System, Eibach full coilovers, Eibach Anti-Sway Bars, AEM V2 intake

    Wanted: DC 4-1 header
  1. wannaBstuntin

    any ogs left here?

    Your mom is an OG
  2. wannaBstuntin

    2012 HF Meet

    You would live in a place called Marysville
  3. wannaBstuntin

    I am back!

    What it do
  4. wannaBstuntin

    2012 HF Meet

    Lets do it!
  5. wannaBstuntin

    Drive By Posting...

    waddap? Nice car. I woulda put the baby and wife in the trunk of the S2K myself tho...
  6. wannaBstuntin

    found a video of me LOL

    Oh, for some reason I thought it got stolen and wrecked and you were parting it out. In that case, cant wait to see the difference in person!
  7. wannaBstuntin

    New girl ;)

    Welcome. The silverstar ultras are great. Will probably be about $50 for a pair. If you're gonna change your headlight bulbs, try not to touch the bulb. The oil from your fingers will make them burn out much quicker, just FYI.
  8. wannaBstuntin

    Myrtle Beach Meet

    Sounds good. My work is pretty flexible about time off, so let us know if you want us to change the dates. Hadn't noticed...
  9. wannaBstuntin

    found a video of me LOL

    Nice, too bad I'll never get to see it do that in person.
  10. wannaBstuntin

    Myrtle Beach Meet

    Annnnnnnybody else?
  11. wannaBstuntin

    Myrtle Beach Meet

    So I know I made a topic about meeting in 2013, but I think I'm gonna go down there this coming summer as well. Anyone up for it? I will supply refreshments as always. Myrtle Beach, SC, June-July 2012.
  12. Sweet. Do we all get free copies of the DVD???
  13. wannaBstuntin

    Random Thought Thread

    Lies and blasphemy
  14. wannaBstuntin

    Random Thought Thread

    Is that what you named your twins?

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