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  3. Im trying to figure out why my del sol redlines at 7500 and then it drops to 700rpm and then redlines at 3400rpm and doesnt pass that unless i turn key off and then on again and it works perfectly from time to time
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  6. I have an 03 Honda Odyssey. It will not start. I recently changed the tie rod and removed and cleaned and reinstalled the transmission solenoids. The van started fine after I cleaned and reinstalled the solenoids. I then changed the tie rod which has nothing to do with the starting system, but when I went to start the vehicle it would not start. When I took the key out I noticed a green flashing key so I looked up on YouTube what that meant and it lead me to the immobilizer system. My ignition jammed up so I took it apart and removed the pins so that I could get the key to turn. It would power the vehicle but still would not start. I bought a cheap key programmer online to try to save money but ended up just costing me more money because it did not work. I still ended up buying a new ignition with immobilizer and key. Installed the new ignition and paid a guy to come program it. The guy came out and it still will not start. He did mention at one point that the machine said it couldn't connect or something. He fidgetted with the machine a bit, turned the key several times, but I don't really know. The guy assured me that the key was programmed and something else was wrong with the vehicle. I pulled the starter off and used jumper cables to jump the starter and I could get the starter to turn so I do not think it is the starter. I noticed when I changed the ignition, the green key light in the Dash came on while the key was in the ignition, but after the guy programed the key, it is still blinking when I remove the key but not while the key is in the ignition. I really need to get this van going so if anyone has any ideas that would be awesome
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  9. Removed from our 2015 Pilot. Minor scratches where the roof box was mounted. $45 plus shipping or free local pickup - Brentwood, NH
  10. 3 lightly used plus 1 brand new in package (4 total). These are Honda genuine part number 39580-SJK-J01. They sell for $200 each on Honda Parts Direct. Great deal for someone who broken or lost theirs.$50 each. Will cut a deal if you want all of them. $50 each plus shipping or free local pickup - Brentwood, NH
  11. Used trailer harness kit for Honda Pilot 2009-2015. Missing (2) 6x16mm washer-bolts, (2) 6x16mm flange bolts and 4 wire ties...all readily available at your local hardware store. Also missing the subharness kit but that is only needed if you have power brakes on your trailer. Removed from a 2015 Pilot with some surface pitting and light rust on the bracket from being mounted to the exterior frame. All working perfectly when removed. Install instructions included. Save! $220 retail value new from dealer. $65 plus shipping or free local pickup - Brentwood, NH
  12. I have finally finished building my Turbo B18c1/B16 Head 1993 Civic Hatch, and am running into some issues. Issue #1 : After it starts up, it will shoot up to 3k rpms, and then down to 500 rpms, and back up 3 times, then it will idle normal, like it should. Issue #2 : Once I give the throttle 1% input, it will shoot up to 3,000 rpms. I am currently running the Skunk2 3L Pro Street Intake with the 2L Spacer, and a 90mm KTuned Throttlebody, FIC 2150cc Injectors, and a Bosche 044 running on e85. I have tried adjusting my throttlebody cable so it has some slack, and even adjusting the tps on Hondata so it wouldn't rev up at much, but it didn't change anything. I just would like my car to not try to do a track launch when I am just trying to push the clutch in, and move forward just a couple feet lmao. Someone please help me!
  13. Londa Gloss

    WIFI jamming

    You may think that WIFI jamming is hard to achieve that it would require a lot of expensive high-tech devices, but as a matter of fact, it is much simpler than you think. All you need is a palm-sized cigarette case-like device, which is often called WIFI signal jammer or WIFI signal blocker. They come in compact sizes and cheap price, so they are always the preferred choices for ordinary customers.
  14. Cell phone signal jammer blocker can effectively block the cellular phone signal when it is necessary. It is common to see it in the examination room to keep the order and quiet there. With the increasing amount of people’s misuse of mobile phones, cell phone signal jammer is widely used in public usage. Like in the hospital, in the cinema, in meeting rooms or in some private partings, etc. One side, it can successfully block the cell phone can noises when you need peace, what is more, it is without any doubt the best choice to control cell phone playing time.
  15. Hi, Everyone: I'm new here and have a 2015 Honda Civic Sedan. The front license plate base was stolen and I had to order one online from Amazon - Base, Front License Plate - Honda (71145-TR3-A50). Problem is just the base comes, no screws or whatever else might be needed and that's the problem. I have no clue how to put it on. The front bumper has one hole right in the middle. I notice in the picture of the Plate base that there is one hole right in the middle. So I assume there is at least one screw that holds it onto the bumper. https://www.amazon.com/Genuine-Honda-71145-TR3-A50-License-Plate/dp/B00LISZJTK/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=Base%2C+Front+License+Plate+-+Honda+(71145-TR3-A50)&qid=1567702108&s=automotive&sr=1-1 Other than that I don't know if I need more screws, what size screws, any other hardware and how do you install it? I've searched online for hours, and found youtube how-to's on installing various Honda front license bases but not this particular one. Thanks in advance for any help. Mike
  16. Drew


    https://www.autotempest.com/results?make=honda&model=prelude&minyear=1998&maxyear=1999&domesticonly=0 Have it open all the craigslist ads too.
  17. My Mechanic told me to tie 3-4 fabric softener sheets around inside the engine bay and change them out every couple months. Say's the rats hate it. Wonder if your insurance covers that.
  18. Update: The car will now not start at all. After replacing the distributor it ran better than ever for two day then died again, now it refuses to start up. If I turn the key over the check engine light come on for a few seconds like it should, so I assume the ecu is getting power. I’ve tested the spark plugs, wires, battery, and the ground. It seem that I am only getting around 6v to the distributor when turning the car over (it still cranks over fine) could this just be from the starter drawing power? I’ve noticed her starter is whining a little, could this cause the issue? Or what could cause this low of voyage? Please help a girl out!
  19. I will share my findings for the model Honda Civic Del Sol owners manuals: https://ownersman.com/Honda-Civic_Del_Sol-owners-manuals Good luck!
  20. I will share all the owners manuals I gathered for the S2000 model: https://ownersman.com/Honda-S2000-owners-manuals Hope you find yours.
  21. Having this problem with both my 98 dc2 and 98 ek (y8)... Followed the service manuals for burping coolant, and even after an hour of burping (squeezing hoses, revving up, heater core open, etc...) I still cannot manage to get the air out (still bubbling). Cant find any leaksDid a chemical block test on both cars, both passed... so there's no way the air can be a blown head gasket..What are some possible reasons I cant get all the damn air out of both cars?Edit: I have repeated this process for several days on the dc2 and driven over a hundred miles
  22. Having this problem with both my 98 dc2 and 98 ek (y8)... Followed the service manuals for burping coolant, and even after an hour of burping (squeezing hoses, revving up, heater core open, etc...) I still cannot manage to get the air out (still bubbling). Cant find any leaksDid a chemical block test on both cars, both passed... so there's no way the air can be a blown head gasket..What are some possible reasons I cant get all the damn air out of both cars?Edit: I have repeated this process for several days on the dc2 and driven over a hundred miles
  23. I'm trying to figure out what this gasket is called so I can find the part.. I've searched high and low for Search terms everything what gasket do I need I've included a picture its a 1998 Honda Civic with d16y7 enj and the s20 manual transmission
  24. Check inner tie rod ends. Small amounts of wear can be had to detect and check for.
  25. Just replaced the main relay that's up under on the passenger side glove box seems to be doing the trick I took the old one apart and on the inside on the circuit board looks like the number two spot was burnt that goes from the ground to the ignition also you could smell it
  26. Kenny LeCroy

    EP3 K24 swap

    I want to put K24 in my 03 Hatch ep3 but i want automatic,any problems?
  27. When it won’t start are you getting a spark at the spark plug? If not maybe one of the distributor components could be to blame? The ignition control module, coil or cap and rotor could all possibly cause no spark and might be worth testing. Also the main relay (PGM-FI) seems to be a common issue. My sisters crv is currently doing the same thing so if we find a solution tomorrow I’ll let you know what worked for us. Good luck!
  28. Hey, I’m trying to fix a intermittent problem with my little sisters 2000 CRV and could use some help. The car starts and runs perfectly however, once the car is warm after around 15-20 mins of driving it just shuts off with no sputtering or bucking. It then usually won’t start back up until it’s cooled down. It turns over, and I can hear the fuel pump and starter engaging but I’m getting no spark at the plug. Car’s showing no codes. So far I’ve replaced the pgm-fi main relay and fully replaced the distributor. I was also told to try rattling the key to see if that might cause an ignition switch issue but nothing. The spark plugs were replaced a month or so ago and the battery is only a year old. I could really use a little help on my next step. I’m not a mechanic, just a farmer who’s used to working on tractors so please bare with me. Thanks
  29. Does any member know anything regarding the compass showing on my radio screen? If i disable the radio, will the compass also be disabled in the car's computer? I have stalkers following me around...it occurred to me they may be hijacking the car's compass..
  30. Installed New plugs.. Replaced the fuel filter and pump, ignition switch, crankshaft sensor, replaced the MAF sensor and the idle control sensor. Put new throttle body on cleand all that. Cleaned fuel rail and injectors. Checked all batt connections and grounds. Connected the rear O2 sensor on exaust. Valve adjustments. Checked the timing. Reset the computer. Let it run for 10 mins for cpu to learn new changes and everythin.... Still dien at random times!! any ideas? 
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