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  3. استخدام مواد التطهير المميزة لصنع مكيفات الهواء النظيفة داخل عاصمة الكويت.يركز استخدام الموظفين الفلبينيين على تطهير مكيفات الهواء.التواصل مع أعداد مكيفات الهواء الأكثر فعالية داخل شمال الكويتفني تكييف الكويتيعد استخدام مكيفات الهواء الأكثر فاعلية في غرب الكويت ، عاصمة السيادة في الدولة الآسيوية ، أحد أكثر الأشياء فعالية التي يبحث عنها المدني داخل المملكة لإنتاج جميع خدمات الرعاية الطبية الجوية الغسيل والتعقيم حسب الضرورة في أي وقت.نظرًا لأن مكيفات الهواء هي أول ما يتم استخدامه في المرحلة الصيفية وفي ظل ارتفاع درجات الحرارة في المملكة ، يبحث المدنيون دائمًا عن طرق لتنظيف وغسيل مكيفات الهواء.يب
  4. What could be wrong I put a OBII scanner and got P0171 I think it is it’s the o2 scenser
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  6. I recently got a ‘94 1.6l vtec del sol but have no clue where to find good quality aftermarket parts. I mainly want to find an exhaust, coilovers/lowering springs, and maybe even a turbo. The farthest I’ve gotten is finding a $100 eBay exhaust but I can’t find any videos of what it sounds like or even if it fits the car well. If you could maybe point me in the right direction that would be awesome!
  7. My daughter brought her Accord over today because it started making a loud noise a few days ago. It was a loud, high pitched metal-against-metal squeal. She's had a few problems with the power steering pump, so I initially thought that is what the problem was. I removed the serpentine belt, and the squeal went away. I replaced the power steering pump, and noticed three things right away: - the squeal was still there - the belt on the tensioner pulley was not centered - the belt seemed to wobble on the crankshaft pulley a lot. I'm thinking this may be because of the belt slopping
  8. Good morning/evening (depending when you’re reading this), I’ve been searching for why new civics don’t have the trim level displayed on the rear of the vehicle? I’m not sure if it’s all Honda’s or just Civics. I have noticed, that only sport or touring are displayed (obviously type r), but they don’t tell you if it’s an LX, EX, EX-L? I’m just curious as why to why they removed it, whether for cost or a cleaner look maybe?
  9. Driving my 2003 Honda Civic ex sedan 1.7 automatic up an on ramp, and around 55mph there was a loud pop with a sudden loss of power. Managed to limp the car the 30 miles home with shudder that felt like a misfire. Got home and found out the alternator bracket bolt snapped and the alternator was floppy floppy. Had to buy a new alternator(refurb) anyhow, still had a misfire and now a charging issue. Car will not connect to obd reader. Currently the car will not run. Did my coil fail? Did my ecu fail? Did my head fail with valve collapse? I know the valve stem seals were in need of being replaced
  10. Hello everyone, I am almost half a century old that love old Hondas specially ones with a virgin kind of state (OEM) untouched. I own a 1993 Honda Del Sol, had a 1989 Honda Prelude Si, and a 1990 Honda CRX. Now I still own the 93 Del Sol, the car has less than 100k in the speedometer which is the way I like my cars old but barely run. I also have a 1979 Fiat Spider, and a 1988 Toyota Celica GT Convertible. I currently live I Walls, Mississippi but I am looking to purchase land to live in a farm like environment where I can build my own car shop separate from the main house. Dreams right! Well
  11. Hi, I need sone advice on anyone that has done what I'm planning to do to see if it's worth the time and money I'm gonna have to spend. I have an 01 Honda Civic SOHC 1.7l LX, I have replaced the head gasket and I'm always having an overheating issue despite replacing all the cooling system parts including hoses, I know this is common with this engine so id like to know is: Has anyone replaced the head and has that solved your problem? Would it be best to replace the whole engine, there are lots of old Honda Engines out there? Did you have this issue and how did you resolve
  12. There might be someone who knows what my issue is. Hopefully 🧐🧐🧐 My 2003 Honda Accord Sedan right side blinker not working. Just started yesterday while traveling. The light is good and it is getting power because when you use the clicker to lock or unlock it will flash. The hazards, dash, and outside blinker not working when using the blinker stick on the steering column. Only right side, passenger side, not working. Left side is working great. Please help with ideas if you have had this issue or know of someone who has and was able to resolve it. Daughter leaving for college
  13. I replace timing belt and sensors about two months ago , I arrived to parking spot it was cold and I had to wait so I accelerated to about 3k rpm and the car died. It still cranks but does not turn on to the point where my battery died of trying to much . Accord 06 ex sedan 200k
  14. I just got a 1994 Honda civic EX coupe. Me and my dad are planning on building the original D16z6 engine that is in it just to try to make a little more power without boosting it. I am very new to this and really only have what I have seen on YouTube in the past, so if I could get some help with finding somewhere we could send the head and block off to to get machined, a new exhaust that isn't too highly priced, and a decent set of higher compression pistons, that would be great. Also, any and all input is appreciated, like I said we are both rather inexperienced and on a bit of a budget. Than
  15. I have the FULL swap, meaning the sensors, blower motor, heater core, interior harness, and of course the control itself etc etc. Can anyone tell me what/exactly HOW to do the swap in a 5th gen? ive got all the parts, just need to know if it has been done before in a USDM lude. and if so, what all is needed before i start ripping out my dash.
  16. Honda changes the design logo yearly Find the start to currently honda logo From autocarsindustry.com
  17. You can call locksmith Alexandria va for any type of locking issues. They will copy your transponder key also by using proper method with the help of their equipment and tools.
  18. Went to dealership a week ago with a dead battery. Car wouldn't start, would drive on while on Highway but pulling up to the light and stopping had it die. Got it jumped and to the dealer alright where they replaced the battery under warranty. I asked them about the alternator then which I was told it tested fine. Then... No check engine light came on on the way home or the next trip. Third trip, check engine light came on and said check charging system. Fourth trip, going to get groceries, EVERY LIGHT started to come on, with a warning, one by one. Both GPS display and heads up dis
  19. I for the life of me CANNOT get these terminal pins to pop out on my 2004 honda civic lx. It seems like they have only used these green and blue connectors for a few diffrent years because most honda adapters i see are bigger and have bigger holes The hole to stick the tool in is way smaller then any other connector i see in videos for honda terminal connector depinning and also the molex pin looks alot diffrent as well. Long story short ive been at it non stop for 4 days now and i only got 2 pins out and were just from pure luck but all the videos that show how to unlock the pin to remove don
  20. I am looking for wiring diagram for climate control unit of Honda Accord 2001 (1998-2002). If someone can list down the wires for me that would be great. it has a 20 pin connector and a 8 pin connector.
  21. I am looking for wiring diagram for climate control unit of Honda Accord 2001 (1998-2002). If someone can list down the wires for me that would be great. it has a 20 pin connector and a 8 pin connector.
  22. Hi, I am looking for wiring diagram for Honda Accord 2001 climate control. It has a 20 pin connector and a 8 pin connector. can anybody please explain the wires for me?
  23. The deer bent the front metal bumper mount so much that it pushed into the ac condenser thus smashing into the radiator.Replaced w/OEM radiator and condenser, but whilst doing so, i accidentally ripped out 2 connectors from radiator harness and needed a custom connector from amazon to connect 1 of them, as there is no OEM part for this. Link to see custom part RED/BLACK WIRES- Image also below Also: After putting back together car is overheating.. The two connectors that I had to repair: "First connector" went to radiator fan on passenger side- i had to glue connector s
  24. Three lights on at once makes me suspect an engine electrical problem, and not a problem with one system or three systems independently. Especially given it happens only during acceleration. I would check the charging system to ensure the battery is in good health. I would check the alternator to ensure it is charging the battery. A weak battery due to a weak alternator fits the modus operandi of a problem seen during acceleration due to load. (Once you get down to 12.3 or 11.8 volts crazy things start happening. The car will start but it will run like a turd due to an undervoltage).
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