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  2. How do you replace the gasket around the glass on a 2016 Honda Pilot Sunroof?
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  4. Hello,Can you please explain your question more? so that anyone can help you. ThanksCredits: helmet blog
  5. I really appreciate your question because i also noticed the same thing that sports or touring are displayed. Lets wait for some expert to answer this question.Regards: Breville 800CPXL
  6. Hello. I just bought a 1989 CRX. It needs some work (new b pillar trim, rust work, weather stripping, vacuum lines, new muffler, and the regular tune up) Is there anything in particular I should look out for while I make it a little more roadworthy? Thanks!
  7. Hello, Thank you for putting this post as i also was searching the solution about Speedometer. After this post i tried to check the vehicle speed sensor (VSS) gear which is located on the transmission which sends an RPM signal to the engine control unit (ECU). I checked it and got my problem solved. This is one of the best ways to guide everything clearly and help others. Thank you so much.
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  9. Upgrading my front suspension and want to go with Skunk but not sure. Just now starting to upgraded after a year of it sitting. I know I am neglectful piece of crap but im trying now lol. want to redo all but my coil overs. They are Takico illumina R. I am happy with the performance. Please all ideas are welcomed.
  10. UPDATE: I did the block test and it was negative. Then used a long screwdriver to feel for vibration and it's definitely coming from the catalytic converter so I'll just swap that out. Was hoping to get by with O2 swap, but I guess that's what I get for driving with that code on 🙂
  11. I have a 2005 Honda Civic 1.7l manual transmission with 154,000 miles that does not get driven all that often. 2 years ago had major tune up...plugs, coils, timing belt, water pump, new clutch, etc. About 2 weeks ago I replaced the upstream and downstream O2 sensors with Denso sensors because I had been getting a P0420 emission threshold efficiency code for about the last year. That appeared to resolve the engine codes and has been running fine. Fast-forward to yesterday and I noticed that when revving the engine beyond about 1,700 rpm or so and releasing the throttle it makes a horrib
  12. Since it's better in park, I assume you have some transmission issue; otherwise it could be tuning, including plugs, ignition, fuel filter clogged; air filter clogged. Anything that keeps the vehicle from idle smoothly can create this - missing. But if it gets worse in gear, I assume we are looking at the tranny... meanwhile it is not easy to service a tranny without replacement; so consider replacing it with a used one. You don't mention miles; transmission type.
  13. I have an 06 accord 2.4 with excessive vibration in idle, specially when I'm at a red light or stop. The vibration is less when I'm in Park gear. I replaced all the engine mounts and the vibration continues. I cant even feel it on the steering wheel and it is annoying. Any ideas how to resolve this problem? Thanks in advance
  14. Automotive Regenerative Braking System Market Key Players Studied in this Report are Robert Bosch GmbH, Continental AG, ZF Friedrichshafen AG, And others. According to the report, Automotive Regenerative Braking System Market size is projected to notable market value by 2027. The increasing demand for fuel-efficient automotive and the stringent government regulations regarding emission control is expected to favor the adoption of advanced automotive regenerative braking systems globally. For instance, the newly elected U.S. President Joe Biden is expected to order the U.S. age
  15. I just installed a larger "cat back" free flow exhaust system on my 2007 civic ex which appears to have made a significant improvement in mpg. However I still have the tiny front exhaust pipe between the converter and new free flow exhaust system. I was wondering if anyone here knows if getting a larger front pipe would further increase my mpg? Also if noise would change significantly?
  16. Gro

    HELP! Lost Key

    Hi. I had the same issue about a few months ago. Here is what I found out after a long research, helped me a lot. It was a very nice write-up actually, so I'm sharing it here in case anyone ever finds themselves in the same mess as me... I guess there is a huge difference between different keys, models, etc. (yours is a key fob) Also locksmiths and dealers charge different amounts for the very same key. This site helped me save a lot of money to get my new key. https://lost-car-keys-replacement.com/honda/pilot/ Generally speaking, to get a replacement key
  17. Hi Everyone, I'm currently having a flickering light problem with my 2003 Honda Civic Ex. I was driving one night and noticed that my headlights were flickering so I decided to also turn on the interior light and it was also flickering. After awhile the flickering stopped and never occurred. Originally I thought that my alternator was failing so I decided to go to an auto shop and get it tested today but when I went everything checked out and the employee said that the tester said that my alternator, battery and starter is good. On my ride back home I decided to keep the interior lights o
  18. Two things did not get total thought in the honda. 1.) it’s great to be able to roll all windows down in heat by using unlock button. but what’s incomplete is having to go out in the rain to roll them back up when they get accidentally rolled down. If the lock feature had the ability to roll them up, would be great. 2.) why put a button on the console to stop engine from turning off? If you’re going to allow that ability, why have to do it all the time. Put a permanent turn off on it.
  19. my stock 95 del sol S 1.5 boggs & stammers under load. i can revv it up in neutral with no problem but when i drive it and give it gas it boggs down and stammers. when i get it to tach up it has little power. i changed the TPS, checked the timing, new battery, new ECU.... it starts and idles perfectly. any suggestings would be greatly appreciated.
  20. SteveGG

    '18 Civic Engine

    2 intake and 2 exhaust valve makes the hemi head unlikely ...
  21. You can visit honda's official site to get the knowledge about everything related to the cars. You will never be disappointed because the parts of honda company are very reliable and they are making great cars. I simply love the way they manufacture and the way they present their cars. Best Regards: Avakin
  22. I want to put wheel spacers on my car to make it look better, but don't know how much of the wheel spacers I should get, any ideas?
  23. my 2020 Accord is in the shop for a week for many upgrades and interior work, so I bought oil to flush the engine as well. I did not take a filter and this is the oil I bought which has two filters that are compatible with the oil https://www.searchforparts.com/oil-change/honda-2020-accord-1.5l-l15be-turbo Should I order one of them and take it or just let the shop put in whatever filter, not sure if it matters or the disadvantages of having a regular filter with a synthetic?
  24. Hello You can get a used one on eBay. Mileage might not match thou. Also you get your original repaired Link bellow https://www.upfix.com/how-it-works/speedometer-repairs/
  25. You can get a used one on eBay. Mileage might not match thou. Also you get your original repaired Link bellow https://www.upfix.com/how-it-works/speedometer-repairs/
  26. Firstly if you don't have much knowledge about cars then you should go to the mechanic rather than doing it by yourself because you can see the smoke and other problem occurred just because of your little knowledge about the cars.
  27. All of my system dashboard lights are on. The Honda dealer service checked and did not find anything wrong. They reset the lights. They were off fir awhile but now are back on. Does anyone know what is causing this issue?
  28. SteveGG

    '18 Civic Engine

    Hemi chamber, twin chain driven overhead cams. Can anyone confirm / correct. Please respond to casagiannoni@optonline.net . Thanks ...
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