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  2. So i bought a ls Frankenstein a pr3 b16 dohc vtec head on a b18 bottom end and been doing a bit of work on it and have been having problems with it surging rpms i know it can be a vacuum leak or the iacv but the surging only happens when you get on the gas i need some help with this
  3. My son inherited our '06 Element as his first car. Unfortunately, soon after, it's started to accumulate endless problems. First a drive shaft joint casing was replaced... then an alternator. He'd been telling me that it's "acting up" and "just not driving right", so I took it for a test drive. I was about 2 miles from home when out of nowhere, it just shut off. All of the power to the whole vehicle just killed, like it was turned off. I lost power steering, brakes, everything. Restarted it and took it straight to our mechanic. They couldn't replicate it shutting off and couldn't diagnose why it would just shut off. Their theory was that maybe I didn't have the ignition key in firmly. I don't think that's likely, but we were on our way. They did say that the engine mounts were giving out and that it would explain the extra bumpy noises. About a week later, my son said it's just revving by itself. I checked it out and sure enough, once you start it, it rev's high by itself. It will rev and hold RPM's between 2-3,000. Occasionally it will drop down to normal idle RPM's but immediately jump back up. The check engine light is one. I'm not betting on it, but I think that the auto-shut off might be related to current revving RPM's. He's currently not using it and I'd prefer he doesn't because if it randomly killing all power is a thing, that could be very dangerous, especially considering his inexperience with driving. Does the whole power shutting off - or - the revving RPM's (even when parked) w/ the transmission light on point out any particular problem's that you can point to? He doesn't want to spend another $85 just to have the mechanic tell him he can't diagnose it or that it'll be a $2,000 repair (and maybe not worth it). The Element has approx. 130,000 miles. It's the FWD, automatic model. Thanks, in advance!
  4. 2004 Accord ex. The car has hot heat on the passenger side but blows cool on the drivers side. Any thoughts?
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  6. Hello everyone. I'm trying to replace front and rear bumpers on my 99 civic cx hatch. Those aftermarket don't fit right with my experience. But anybody out there knows where I can buy a good set like a company that makes them to fit right.Thanks so much for the help. Joel
  7. Hello everyone. I'm trying to replace front and rear bumpers on my 99 civic cx hatch. Those aftermarket don't fit right with my experience. But anybody out there knows where I can buy a good set like a company that makes them to fit right.Thanks so much for the help. Joel
  8. Went in for maintenance at a dealership in Peoria Arizona the other day, and was surprised when the service dept refused to follow the Maintenance Minder "A" schedule of oil change only(no filter). They had no answer as to why A and B exist, just refused to do A. I emailed Honda and based on the below response, sounds like any mechanic shop is a good as going to a "Honda" service center: "Thank you for writing to us. We apologize for our delayed response and hope this message finds you well. Each Honda dealership is an independent business, as such they may set their own policies. If this location will only perform oil changes with filter changes and this is how they have structured their pricing that is within their rights. Please note you are not obligated to have the service performed with them. Below you will find a link to our dealer locator tool, we hope this will help you find a location that better meets your needs.https://automobiles.honda.com/tools/dealership-locator We welcome you to contact us with any additional questions. Our customer service team can be reached on Twitter @HondaCustSvc, or via Live Chat through our website, http://owners.honda.com/help/customer-relations. Kind regards, Honda Automobile Customer Service Case #10169690"
  9. Hi Everyone! Thank you for letting me join your community! We are offering a PAID automobile testing opportunity for people living in the United States and Canada. If you are interested in participating please click the link below. If you have any questions please feel free to message me! https://www.utest.com/c-signup/Automobile-Testing
  10. Hey I have a 1996 honda accord and the ac/heater is not working i have already replaced the fuse and the blower motor is working but when tested there is no continuity to the control switch. This is my first time on forums any advice will help thank you! This is my only car and a snow storm is heading my way the sooner the better!
  11. 1980-83 Honda civic hatchback or wagon wanted in U.S. Specifically left front fender and driver side door. Thank you
  12. They become a major locksmith only because they have learned all the skills to make transponder and other keys, this is the reason i me and my friends prefer to hire auto locksmith near me whenever any key related issue arises.
  13. Does anyone have the underhood dimensions/measurements for an 09 Accord Sedan 2.4L. Should be 2009-2012. Fender bender pushed the top radiator support back and I want to make sure I'm pulling it back close to factory specs with my hydraulic puller. Thanks!
  14. I recently purchased a 2004 v6 3.0L ex accord coupe with a bad transmission and am looking to swap a new one in. I’ve looked everywhere and can not figure out if other Honda models or even 06-07 accord transmissions would work for this vehicle?i can’t figure out if maybe an Acura TL or Honda oddesy tranny would work. Can anyone help with any info on any trannys that are interchangeable?
  15. These four shop manuals came from Helm, Inc. before I totaled my toy in a freak snow storm fifteen years ago. 61SR203: 1996 Shop manual 61SR204: 1997 Shop manual supplement 61SR203EL: 1996-97 Electrical troubleshooting manual 61SR230: 1993-97 Body repair manual I paid $160 for them; if you're interested, please make me a reasonable offer by forum message service (include your contact information).
  16. So I had my AC condenser replaced on my Honda Civic 2016 In the write up the dealer said there was a leak. A puncture was also found, yet it doesn't say the leak was due to the puncture. There was a recall on leaking A/C units for Honda Civics as now their more built to be damaged and leak, but they are not reimbursing me for the work done because there was a puncture! If anything I'd think how the tech guys worded it are at fault as they didn't explicitly state the leaking was due to the puncture. Anybody else have issues with the A/C condenser recall? This will be my last Honda product AND I will definitely let others know that Honda's quality is no longer where it used to be.
  17. Help me So I recently turbocharged my single cam and I’ve been driving around for like a week with the map sensor unplugged and driving rich and unfortunately I throw a rod a week later when I finally got it tuned
  18. Can anyone tell me the part number for the cabin multiplex unit on a 4cyl 2007 Accord EX? The keyless entry on my car stopped working about two weeks ago. I have checked the door lock fuse and it is fine. The door panel lock switches all work, so I am guessing it is the multiplexer. I have not been able to find the part number for this unit. Surely someone on here must know.
  19. Okay so my 01 accord is doing a no crank no start. No click, nothing, just the fuel pump going when I turn the key. Here is what I know: The starter, distributor cap, and battery were all replaced just a few months ago for the same exact issue. Problem then was the starter being completely dead. The battery has enough charge for the headlights, dome light and dash to kick on, no dimming. My neighbor tried to give me a jump (thinking maybe the alternator wasn’t giving charge back to the batter) and still nothing all the fuses seem fine, the main relay looks fine. i am at a total loss and in need of some guidance before I break down and fork out money to take it to the shop. Please help me. I literally can not afford a mechanic right now.
  20. SOLVED Switch items 1 and 2 ! Lights on first then the reset switch second! Also - it works with parking light on only.
  21. 2007 Honda Civic Instrument cluster ( dashboard) self test does not start/ Could somebody please VERIFY that the following is a CORRECT sequence to activate speedometer / odometer clusters self test ? A reference to Honda manual / documentation which describes this test would be nice . PLEASE NO U_TUBE LINKS! 1. Push and hold trip reset button 2. Run headlights FULLY on 3. Insert ignition key and turn to position until the cluster illuminates. 4. Turn headlights OFF ON OFF 5. Release trip reset button 6. Push trip reset button four (4 ) times Following these steps in exact sequence DOES NOT start the test! What am I missing ????
  22. Tuned and OEM parts Used and Brand new Spare parts directly from Japan by post. We can find almost everything for your car https://www.truejdmparts.com/ e-mail: truejdmparts@gmail.com Toyota, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Honda, Suzuki Apexi, HKS, ZeroSports, Cusco, Spoon, Nismo, Blitz, etc.
  23. Dorothy H


    Does anyone have a problem with calipers sticking on their 2016?
  24. Hi. I’m trying to replace the ignition cylinder in my 93 Accord but can’t get the shroud removed from the column to access the cylinder for removal. Can someone describe what I must do? EDIT: I found the remaining screws. Thanks anyway and hello all.
  25. Hi all. I am a 60-yr-old female with a 1993 Honda Accord 10th anniversary edition. I am trying to replace the ignition cylinder but cannot get the shroud off the column after removing the 3 (alleged) screws from the bottom half. Any suggestions? Thanks, True
  26. I would just start replacing parts first probably, like replace the driver door switch, and check all the connections; it's easy to do, fast job if you watch a video. Sounds a lot like a bad switch except you may have proven it's not a switch already? I think your explailnation of the probably only makes things more mysteriuos; so just start working on it, and try to see if you find the problem. Obviously the driver door switch gets used a lot, so one idea is to replace it with the passenger switch but might as well just get a new switch, and try to see if that fixes it? Use some electrical contact cleaner on all connections too. Sometimes some impedance will create gremlins, fer sure.. Another idea is check the disable switch as well (kids safety switch) and that can interact with the rest of the system. Clean it up too. Finally, check the computer and make sure it's not trying to tell you about a problem it knows of; you may need to drive the car around, leave it running, THEN check the computer for errors when the problem happens again.
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