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  2. So my brother took the starter off had it tested 5 times and tested alternator and battery. Everything is good. Now he put it back together and car won’t crap 😳😩😩
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  4. ekkenman

    vent issue

    hi, i have a 2003 honda accord v6 coupe 6spd manual transmission. it has a dual claimate control. its getting cold here in colorado. i try to use my defroster last night but the air isn't coming out of the vent. i check my mode selector all the vent work correctly except for the defroster. i notice that the center vents stay on no matter which vent i choose. can anyone help, need it working for driving when snow is frosting up my windshield. it would be nice if anyone can give me part number i need and name of the part.
  5. Thank you for responding. I am trying to make sure it’s the starter before I spend the money and it not be the starter. Ya know.
  6. Scan the car's computer; it should tell you what is wrong. These days an app on your iphone or android and a plug-in scanner with wifi, will show you how your car is feeling. Or you can have the mech do it... Sounds like your starter is working, your battery is working, then take it from there. Ignition, fuel filter, fuel pump, at least it starts right? ;-) Probably a nice auto parts store person will scan your car for free if you want to try that. If your car eventually starts, it shows you the ignition is working mostly.. So then I'm thinking fuel pump and fuel filter are most obvious p
  7. I have a 2009 Honda Accord. Few months ago it started lagging to start. One day it wouldn’t start so I had a friend change out the battery and it started right up. Few days later I had my battery put back in it and it started fine. Had a friend look and he said starter was bad. I drove the car all summer with no issues starting. Recently it started lagging to start. Is there something besides the starter or battery (mine tested good ) that could be causing this?
  8. Hello everyone, new to the forum and have a question regarding "Real World" prices paid for the 2020 Honda Ridgeline RTL-E's. For those of you that actually own one and have purchased recently can you enlighten me as to what % off MSRP is the norm? I reside in Central FL and think this would be a great choice for me, but I really don't want to be taken advantage of, and I really suck at negotiating so having some idea of what being paid for these would really help! I don't want to use sites like "True-car" or others because IMO there not accurate at all being that there owned by t
  9. 2008 Civic Now that it gets darker earlier, I've noticed something. The light ring around the ignition/start does not light when getting into the car. All I can think is that I recently replaced my battery (a few months ago). Maybe I did something during that process. Is there something that needs to be reset or possibly a fuse I should be checking? The "key left in the ignition" chime still works and the dome light works. Thank you.
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  11. Anyone have a set for sale that put other wheels on.. my zip is 95614 for shipping. thanks
  12. I have an 04 Honda Accord and I need to change the Shift lock button as mine broke off. Can anyone tell me the size Philips head I need so I can replace the button. I have various sizes unfortunately the ones I have are not the correct size
  13. I took out my battery for charging and when I put it back in the clock and radio display were gone. The radio still works but there is no display so I can't adjust the treble bass etc. Any ideas?
  14. Eli.718

    Sprung a leak

    So I was driving on the freeway in my 94 del sol and when I pulled up to my friends house I was leaking a ton of water from the passenger side of my engine bay onto the street. I opened my hood and discovered a tube that leads into the cabin on the passenger side and runs down but it’s not connected to anything, I think it’s possibly from my ac maybe just a tube from my evaporater, idk. If anyone can help me out that’d be great, it’s my daily and I can’t really afford a new car and I love this car with my life so I wanna fix it to its full glory, if anyone can help me out please just let me kn


    Anyone know of any manufacturer that forgot to put a clock in their production builds? My 1999-2000, S2000 (the Y2K edition, predicted by Honda to be a 2 year only run) does not have one (I joke with people who ask about the car that Honda eliminated the clock because it would have run backwards anyway trying to keep up with real time). I truly think we owners of the first do in fact have timeless vehicles. Anyone on the same page? Ykw mckenna
  16. Yeah, their website says the estimated cost is $1,500-2,200. So I figured it would be in that arena.
  17. Looks impressive if you have a competitive installer nearby; I was looking at Modesto to get a rough estimate; $1700 if you have a Honda Accord and want to upgrade to leather, looks good to me if you are tired of cloth seats. I have 2004 EX Leather model; leather is still perfect from factory, so consider selling your vehicle to buy different model same era with MUCH better options???
  18. Hey guys. I want to add custom leather seats to my Accord. Does anyone recommend a particular vendor for it? I'm leaning towards Katzkin based on their reviews and the fact that I found this page on their website: https://katzkin.com/what-do-you-drive/honda-accord-leather-seats/ Let me know what you guys think. Thanks in advance.
  19. Electric bro... just consider the planet and the speed. Electric.
  20. Bonjour à tous. Anyone here have experience of the modification of Civic? My Honda Civic 2020 needs a change of the spoiler. Appreciate your answers😛😋😙
  21. Accord's disuse of manual transmission is a bolt from the blue for me. Can I see the stick come back next year? Is it possible or not? I am dreaming of a Honda Accord 2021 with manual.🤔🤔🤔
  22. any help I am wanting to turbo an accord 3.0 but I'm very new. What would be the best cheap setting with max power and not breaking the Bank
  23. I just changed my tdc sensor on my 99 Honda Civic dx and it’s still jerky and stuck in limp mode and codes read tdc sensor failed
  24. I was looking into getting new headers for my civic , after installing a new header would I need a tune or anything?
  25. So I recently bought me a 2019 honda civic ex. I was looking for seats covers for the car but with the car payments are really can't afford to spend $400 on custom seats so I was wondering if there's any cheaper ones that will work for that car at like Walmart or o Reilly. Anyone using any? Also since Honda civics had a problem with oil delusion did they fix it in 2019?
  26. Having trouble finding a cold air intake and 4 2 1 exhaust/header i can put on my 2000 honda crv with a b20 motor not sure whats compatible
  27. Timing belt question.. I have looked up on google about the timing belt and get mixed answers, so i called the dealer and they said something differant also so i will ask you guys!! 05 accord V6 auto with 49,000 original miles one family owned. this car run super nice and was told basically to do the belt because its age ? its been in a garage most of its life and there waas a period of time where it was not started or driven for a few years.. even looks like its been well cared for so the big question.. 49,000 original today, i started driving it 1 year ago when it had 39,500 miles, runs and
  28. I am using honda eu2200i inverter generator last two years. It is a gas powered generator. I heard some are using propane also. I need to know the steps to make it possible. Please help. Thank you.
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