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  3. I have a 2009 Honda Accord LX-S that doesn't have XM Radio. I have read in a few places that you can get another radio from a Honda of that age that is the same but has XM radio and that it should install into the Accord without issue. This would add an XM button, but what else would you need (i.e. Satellite receiver, wiring harness, etc.) to get the XM working? I will add that I'm just trying to get the XM working to the point where I can add a 3rd party BT device like USA-Spec or GTA Car Kits and don't plan to add XM service so I'm not worried about XM antenna. If someone could enlighten me further, it would be much appreciated. Thanks, Rex
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  5. Experts, I have a 2011 Honda CR-V, 112,000 miles, Original owner, no accidents. Everything fine except drivers door lock unsuccessfully trying to lock over and over. Aware of Honda door actuator problems. Replaced front drivers door actuator and now that door works fine, but NOW my rear tailgate would not open. its just not getting the signal that all of the other doors are unlocked. I replaced the tailgate lock assembly, but same problem, the signal to unlock is no longer getting to the tailgate. Tried reprogramming keys several different ways. Does the new actuator need to be introduced to the MICU? Tried removing fuses for MICU and also rebooted car by disconnecting battery for ten minutes. no luck yet...Is there a connection? Thanks, Brian
  6. Hi all - first post. Would like to know of recommended sites where I can list our 1993 SE to sell. Can't list it on here since I just joined. Feel so old school since I can only think of newspaper classified ads. 😮 TIA, Nickie
  7. How is the car driving? yOu don't mention if it makes horrible noises, and if the brakes work, wheels turn, wheel ok, gas tank leaks. The body work is not that bad if you find something of a mobile body shop guy that can pull parts off a front-end totaled car at a junk yard. I would guess you really love the car and want to keep it? Is it insured for collision? Many things to consider... including how you like how it drives, and the cost to replace it all told. New cars are very overpriced... I buy used cars in very clean condition, with over 100K miles. For a Honda or a Lexus, that's nothing, compared to the 250K miles they will easily drive in their lifetime 😉 And I only pay $10-12.5k from independent dealers with low overhead, and low fees. "Totaled", as a word only means something to an insurance adjuster, who will not give YOU very much for a damaged car; and "worth fixing" is a completely different proposition to an auto owner that does not have collision insurance; thus you are much more motivated to keep the car and find the way to fix it if you have no collision insurance. This may mean finding the right shop; the right guy. I look on craigslist for body shop work in my area; very affordable... Meanwhile, you seem to buy new cars, accept they are incredibly overpriced, and are used to this notion. If you can get some payment toward a new vehicle that you will trust for weeks at a time on the road, then maybe it's worth it.
  8. Why you dont use Green color on blog?
  9. I bought a used set of tanabe sustec pro coil overs for my 98 civic. The person only had the fronts and one rear coilover. I have searched And searched trying to find just one shock because I really don’t want to have 3 used ones with one brand new one. I have searched eBay Facebook Amazon Craigslist and can’t find one anywhere. Any ideas or suggestions on where to look for one would be greatly appreciated. Or even if someone here has one. I paid 80.00 for all 3 so even though this search is turning into a head ache I know I would have been dumb if I had passed up buying them seeing as a full self for my car brand new are 1500 and a full used set averages around 300-800 from what I have found so far. Plz let me know thank u
  10. Some kids ran into me. Just wondering if it may be a total 2016 Accord Sport w/ 100k miles. Yes I road trip a lot. lol https://ibb.co/ZSmK6Vm
  11. I'd try an oil/filter change, some higher octane fuel, and see if it goes away. It might need a valve adjustment though.
  12. I go to an independent tire and service dealer for most things. For example, a transmission service at the dealership is $199 with the Honda fluids and $99 at my new service center. The rear diff service was the same $99 for both dealers, though. The dealership rips you off on labor charges. I would only go to the dealership for valve adjustments (they have more experience), PCM updates, or anything that can't be done locally. As for brakes, they're generally expensive services, but for my wife's 2012 CR-V, I paid $159.23 for new rear pads, turned rear rotors, and clean and lube caliper job.
  13. agentl074


    Hello! I am from Indiana and have a 2016 Honda CR-V AWD EX-L with the K24W engine and I really like it!
  14. Hi. For a 2014 Honda City, what's the coolant to water ratio for tropical countries, where there are no worries on freezing water? Also, what's the capacity at maximum level of the coolant in the plastic reservoir in liters or milliliters? Thank you. in advance. God bless, Revelation 21:4
  15. I have a 1997 Honda Del Sol Si. The brake lights have quit working ( or quit after the 2nd or 3rd pump). I'm figuring its the brake light switch. I removed the panels under the dash and couldn't get to it. Then I removed the instrument cluster and again couldn't get access to the switch. Now I'm raising my hand for help. HOW DO YOU GET ACCESS TO REPLACE THE BRAKE LIGHT SWITCH ON A DEL SOL ? Thanks for any assistance you might provide, Tom
  16. 'Afternoon! Looking for the security attachment harness kit for a del Sol. Honda PN 08E55-SR2-103. Would prefer NIB, would take a pull though if necessary Thanks!
  17. i just recently bought a turbo charger kit from amazon for my d16 motor on my '97 dx manual civic just to learn how to do it i already bought the intake as well. my question is what tuning might i have to do and what are some better tuning software im clearing on a budget as im buying a turbo off amazon what are some things i should watch out for or general tips im only planning on 8 psi boost amazon.com/Turbo-Intercooler-Piping-Starter-Turbocharger/dp/B07MXD7ZYL/ref=cm_cr_arp_d_product_top?ie=UTF8
  18. I'm looking into buying a set of wheel spacers. Is there any quality difference between H&R wheel spacers and BONOSS wheel spacers?
  19. Jeff Papineau


    https://www.rockauto.com/en/moreinfo.php?pk=4394523&cc=1432620&jsn=11&_nck=HllVxRCey1%2B2aVRDo41oQcMse1xIL9SL3KmW9dQXSf%2BAJlcOi2imTXTfOFLWd%2FZ7qi3oWcgQbtVtfiosB09jyUkNCc52VyjIqJdgXYHlD2ojJL2DI2VbmUsCkqJItUyzaOlckVhYCloAxTRAoZlU6O86kuf5M13piFOSZWY0oNIhds7F2VX6rvJnGVeEsmIKHDE%2BuQUr3j12VTnhw8sFZODWTCyxPvO7BeKVuj22Vh8ly21%2FXcyi0WbWXOq53MPBkgY4J7drvSCHz09hoI1qz%2FSD3EMLx3OONnsWNH%2BRj96mP9XHR6txw0g0c3IHA7ZJ6aYje9wgFiq1ObMy5lmDxSdLnEzYhgsI This starter diagnosis talks about making sure battery is fully charged, and make sure the terminals are clean. I've seen problems with contacts that go away when sprayed with electrical contact cleaner. In my experience, if there is no "click" when you turn the key for start, then it's the solenoid. But I think on the Hondas of that generation you just replace the entire starter assembly including solenoid. Sounds like it's due for a new starter...
  20. Breauxman


    I have a 2006 Accord EX 3.0 manual transmission that started giving me starting issue. When key is moved to start position I get all dash lights and AC coming on but nothing else. I check the neutral safety switch by jumping ot but still nothing. Swapped another relay to starter relay location and still nothing. Battery seems to be good, although I never actually checked. Started several times this morning but now won't. I'm figuring it's the starter. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance! Chris
  21. I started experiencing a vibration/rattle in the passenger side dash area near the front "corner". It only happens after reaching 40 mph or so. It's quite annoying and I can't seem to figure out the issue. Here are a couple of quick videos I made (unfortunately) while driving to try and pinpoint the location. It's driving me insane. Please help https://photos.app.goo.gl/pA6nhoB5YKYX77Eh8 https://photos.app.goo.gl/r5sMvmHGQiAng6ke6
  22. Hello Honda Forum friends, Is Havoline's (Extende Life) coolant/anti-freeze compatible w/ the 2104 Honda CIty. If yes, what's the ratio of the water and the coolant? Or do I pour it without any water mix (pure)? The Honda City's coolant reservoir still has some coolant in it (about 1/3 of the container). Thank you in advance, stay safe. God bless, Revelation 21:4
  23. Hello People,Maybe you can help me out here.... I encountered this site GuardMyShoe.Has anyone bought on this site, the pricing looks amazing i just want to know before i do.
  24. Hello, i just bought a 1996 accord lx. I'm looking to lower it 2.5 in the front and 2.25 rear as I measured and I still had clearance with my stock 15-inch rims. I have not looked at how wide my stock rims are yet but I was looking at xxrs that are 17x7 +35 offset. I assume my stock rims are somewhere close to +50 offset. doesn't anyone happen to know if these rims would fit even after a 2.5 and 2.25-inch drop? obviously I know I will need camber arms no matter what, but I don't wanna run ridiculous camber. I was also looking at an all-around 2-inch dro which may be better. let me know your thoughts....
  25. Hello, My 2004 honda accord has a non working trunk release button and i would appreciate if anyone has any info on how to fix this i have tried: - trunk release works since i can open the trunk with the remote key - i can open the trunk with the interior pull handle - the button was tested with a multimeter and its working fine - also central locking is working so the car shouldn't think its locked what else could be the problem. thanks.
  26. Hi all I drive 2017 Honda Accord hybrid. I have reached 100k and was wondering if I need to change transmission filter alone with the transmission fluid at 100k maintenance.
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