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  1. where you be att?

  2. No problem. Post back with results if it helps. Like I said, both accords I have had shifted hard and the 2-3 tranny change fixed it both times. Good luck.
  3. Most likely it is unrelated to the other stuff you had done and most likely it is nothing major. This is a common issue with this gen accord's auto tranny's my 97 lx 4cyl did that and my current 96 EX V6 did that when I got it. All you really need to do is a series of tranny fluid changes. Get Honda ATF-Z1 fluid (you'll probably end up needing about 9 quarts total). Drain it (make sure car is lowered back level when draining to get the most fluid out), then refill...this is usually about 3 quarts. Then drive the car for about 500 miles, drain and refill. Drive another 500 or so miles, dr
  4. Lol....he could probably make it home on 10-15 bucks. He emailed me this morning and said he made it home just fine....got 39mpg on the trip home.
  5. She said "unless somebody put a Mitsubishi engine in a Dodge..." That was my point.....they did.
  6. 100 less. Which considering the guy drove over 4 hours I figured I could come off 100 bucks when he asked.
  7. This job should take you about 20 minutes. You remove the valve cover, remove the old VC gasket, remove the old spark plug gaskets, install all the new gaskets and reinstall VC. Just make sure not to overtighten the nuts on the valve cover when reinstalling as they are usually aluminum and break pretty easily if you overtighten them. Autozone will have a complete Valve Cover Gasket set for around 20 bucks I think. It will also come with lower spark plug gaskets but that usually requires you to remove the complete rocker assembly....and it's usually the upper gaskets that leak anyway.
  8. I thought the Dodge Stealth R/T turbo and the 3000GT VR4 had the same engine/drivetrain. Kinda like the Eagle Talon (Eagle owned by dodge I believe) and Mistubishi Eclipse had the same engines/drivetrains. As far as this del sol with a GSR minus VTEC being so quick...I find it hard to believe. You weigh about 100 pounds less than a stock Integra GSR....so that's maybe a tenth quicker in the quarter mile. Subtract .5-1 second for no vtec and you should be slower than a stock GSR right now.... ....that is unless I'm missing something.
  9. Why did you buy it if it was pulling to the right from the get go. I would have noticed that during the test drive and walked away. Maybe take it to an actual alignment shop away from Honda and have them check the alignment and suspension and everything....explain it to them and have them check it out.
  10. Was that blue del sol running Nitrous? It looks like you guys were dead even and then he just started walking away.
  11. They live in Chillicothe....south of Columbus. So really, their weather isn't much worse than what we get in St. Louis area. Far northern Ohio would definitely be a different story. I'm a firm believer that if Tein S-tech's blow your stock shocks, then they were probably pretty close to going anyway and can't necessarily be blamed on the springs (i.e., 200k miles shocks have limited life regardless). If you don't drive like an idiot with them and pretend that you are running Custom Ground Control's with Koni's, then the stock shocks should be fine... ....as you said though...doesn't
  12. Sorry.....I have family in Ohio and used to live there. Ohio winters aren't much (if any) worse than what we get in Missouri unless you are in the northern part of Ohio. Plus, my Del Sol was a 95 and his is a 92....so 3 years difference. My civic is a 1991 that was never garaged until December with 18 year old shocks and they are still fine with the S-techs. Sure they may not have a ton of miles but they've still had a 2100ish pound car sitting on them for 18 years straight and driven through 18 winters (we have salt on the roads here too in the winter).
  13. Lol....sounds like the paramedic whooped up on the trooper...that's pretty awesome.
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