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  1. Daniel!!! Long time no see. I see things are going well for you. That S2k is incredible looking and a daily M3 sedan...nice. Good to see you doing so well.
  2. Yeah, those factory projectors will probably put out a pretty nice pattern with HID's....impossible to tell without seeing the lightbeam against a blank wall, but you are probably okay to just get ballasts and bulbs and wire them up. If it was me, that's what I would do and if the light pattern ends up being bad for some reason....then I would look at retrofitting some TSX or S2000 projectors into your housings.
  3. If it is a stock projector, then there's a chance that the light output is not too bad. I know that stock Acura Integra projectors work very well with HID's...their only downfall is that they don't shoot as wide a pattern as true HID projectors....light output is very nice. My point is that if it is a oem projector...even without factory HID's then you will probably get a nice beam/light pattern. If you post a picture of your headlights that would help...if you post a picture of your headlights shining on a flat building at night so we can see the beam from your factory lights then even bet
  4. Don't have time to post the pictures, but here's a link to my blog.....found a bunch of wasps this weekend. Wasps Galore!!
  5. It makes perfect sense. Get HID bulbs and ballasts...and wire it up if you want crappy looking HID lights. If you want it to look x45280 better then you need to do a retrofit. If that doesn't make sense then perhaps researching before posting is a good idea. The only way you can get away with not doing a retrofit and still having nice looking light is if your car comes factory with projector lights.
  6. Why the aftermarket version of a B18 TPS then? Why not just go oem?
  7. I will try to do a post on my blog and link it here about how I manage to shoot handheld. There is a specific technique to it, but yeah, shooting at 252mm and nearly 2:1 handheld is no easy task. That said, I can now go out and shoot for 20-30 minutes and come back inside with a dozen or so keepers. My softbox setup...well my current softbox is not as long (making it more manageable), but you can get an idea from the Macro Rig section on my blog. It has pictures of my setup...though I never actually use the hood as it decreases my working distance and scares off the bugs. By the way
  8. Yeah, I'm on there and all of the info is like I stated above. Made legend headers work with modifications, but no talk of how much work or what had to be done.....and most of the members aren't on there anymore so you can't pm them to find out. Plus this isn't a cheap engine to replace when it finally does go...that's why I've been considering a swap to a F20B. The only thing custom that would have to be done is the mounts...and maybe some wiring stuff which would be a part of any swap. Edit: Sorry James for getting so off-topic...I would still like to know what you gained from
  9. Basically no support for the C27a4...more for the C27a1 if I remember right.....and there is very little info about what it takes for custom work. For example, I would like to know how much work it takes to make a set of C27a1 headers fit a C27a4 accord. All I ever find is people saying that had to modify them and alter the bends some...but nobody ever says how much or what exactly they did. I would think that with all of the cast iron in this engine that it would be a great candidate for boost. 9:1 compression ratio too so you'd think that it would just love having a snail hang off the
  10. I said Virtually unmodable...meaning that nearly every part needs to be custom made. Want a set of headers, gotta get em custom made.....even an exhaust....custom. If you want anything like a turbo setup.....well, might as well trade it in for a TL for the cost. Even manual tranny swaps are next to none in the custom world. It's a car with potential (in my opinion) but no support to get things done and doing everything custom would be insanely expensive. I'm actually tossing around the idea of having a local shop swap a DOHC VTEC F20B w/ manual tranny into mine and adding a bit of b
  11. Not really. I haven't really marketed myself at all to sell any yet. I am working on getting a portfolio book together and seeing about having local stores hang some stuff for sale on their walls....just been too busy with school and work to get it done. Per request...here's some more.....we'll go with spiders this time around..... Green Crab Spider Rabid Wolf Spider Ghost Spider Infamous Black Widow Wolf Spiders (babies)
  12. Black background is when I have the aperture and shutter speed set to block out ambient (background/natural) light.....and there is nothing near the background to be lit by the flash. Green or other backgrounds are when I set my settings to leave a little background ambient light to make the background leaves or grass still visible...but blurred due to the very small DOF. Easiest way I know how to explain it....basically whether I have my settings and flash set to either light some of the background or to not light some of the background.
  13. Muscid Flies Hoverflies Longlegged Doli Fly Picture-winged Flies
  14. Meh...I just posted the new thread in General Discussion since the thread has nothing to due with Personal electronics.
  15. I thought I'd start a thread to share what I've been up to with my photography lately. Despite a ton of local requests, I am not doing portrait work anymore (except personal use)...I just don't find it enjoyable. My main focus lately has been macro's and specifically insects. So, I'll share some of my stuff. My setup: D90 w/ MB-D80 Tamron 180mm f3.5 Kenko Pro300 1.4 TC 68mm kenko ext. tube set SB-600 custom made 5x7 inch softbox a super super steady set of hands Up first....my favorite shot I've ever gotten. This was at almost 2:1 handheld of a hoverfly...he was maybe 6m
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