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  1. nnoossss

    Official Movies Thread

    the transformers gurl got a award for bein the hottest acrtess off 09 or 08 or something like that. Which is definetly earned.
  2. nnoossss

    Official Movies Thread

    who doesnt smell boobies??????????????
  3. nnoossss

    new car

    last time i went there i had like a 60yo vet that used too b like a cop or some crap idk.
  4. nnoossss

    Paul's EJ1 restoration build (New Here)

    U and ur peeps put some nice body work into that for sure it looks very unique in its own way and in a good way.
  5. nnoossss

    Official Ride of The Month: August

    damn i 4rrgt bout cranny.
  6. nnoossss

    new car

    vasap yea, its for my probation obligations, gota go down too salem, again too the cardinal justice academy thing.
  7. nnoossss

    Official Ride of The Month: August

    i nominate brian too bad i alrdy used my ones for this month : (
  8. nnoossss

    cool little black box

    very nice
  9. nnoossss

    gawd window tint, need opinions and advice

    im gettin mine done soon.
  10. nnoossss

    cool little black box

    that things awesome!!
  11. nnoossss

    new car

  12. nnoossss

    new car

    Well i am happy with the purchase seb I think its a beatiful car and it rides smooth as frack. Their comfortable , imo they look clean as hell mine does anyway, their quick not top speed wise i am very happy with this car i needed a reliable car so 1 i dont go too jail, since my 88 honda (if u recall) was not too reliable anymore, i have too drive 30mins too attend a asap class for 10 weeks i need a car that i can trust, its a huge upgrade, i will say i was gona get an rsx but the guy actually bought it a day before i bought this, wen i came in too get this car he was driving it off the lot, i had this face : (. But i have always been into cruisers and go more for comfort than anything.
  13. nnoossss

    LED DRL placement

    3 and 4 on the first post u made but with the spaced out ones idk tbh, i dont think that would look better than the non spaced out but its a nice touch either way.

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