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  1. the transformers gurl got a award for bein the hottest acrtess off 09 or 08 or something like that. Which is definetly earned.
  2. who doesnt smell boobies??????????????
  3. last time i went there i had like a 60yo vet that used too b like a cop or some crap idk.
  4. U and ur peeps put some nice body work into that for sure it looks very unique in its own way and in a good way.
  5. vasap yea, its for my probation obligations, gota go down too salem, again too the cardinal justice academy thing.
  6. i nominate brian too bad i alrdy used my ones for this month : (
  7. Well i am happy with the purchase seb I think its a beatiful car and it rides smooth as frack. Their comfortable , imo they look clean as hell mine does anyway, their quick not top speed wise i am very happy with this car i needed a reliable car so 1 i dont go too jail, since my 88 honda (if u recall) was not too reliable anymore, i have too drive 30mins too attend a asap class for 10 weeks i need a car that i can trust, its a huge upgrade, i will say i was gona get an rsx but the guy actually bought it a day before i bought this, wen i came in too get this car he was driving it off the lot, i
  8. 3 and 4 on the first post u made but with the spaced out ones idk tbh, i dont think that would look better than the non spaced out but its a nice touch either way.
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