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  1. I'm here every once in a blue moon lol
  2. yeah this place used to be alive.. it sucks that its dead... Facebook killed a lot of forums unfortunately
  3. manual > autotrajic if you ask me no new car is "hard to come by" now if you were speaking of a older 96 V6 manual accord 2 door then yes but a new accord... NO
  4. smoke was more than likely oil... and it sounds to me like a rod wanted to take a peek out the block..
  5. thanks man, its coming along pretty well.. starting to look how i had it visioned in my head lol some moar goodies came in the mail!!! Im sooo stoked to put these on!!
  6. Woke up the other morning and took my dog out for her morning pee and stumbled into a big box from my sponsor I was super stoked and couldnt wait to mess with some stuff so i did a little test fit of the shiftbox with my anodized blue 6 speed Spoon Sports shift knob.. It looks soo sick decided to take a couple pictures of the wagon yesterday after i finished fabbing the skirts and diffuser and putting my HybridRacing banner on.. i've been tinkering around with lightroom since i bought my iMac last month haha
  7. one Spoon piece i have been hunting for YEARSSSS finally came in the mail today Spoon Vanity Plate also ordered a stage 2 Comp clutch and 11.5lbs flywheel today.. just playing the waiting game for parts to come in.. Hybrid-Racing parts should be in in a couple days also waiting on my pedal assembly to get here so i can hook up the Hush performance cable to hydro kit..
  8. couple packages came in Hush Performance Cable to Hydro kit and my PCI rear Diffuser and Custom ordered Civic Wagon PCI side skirts so put the skirts and diffuser on yesterday, still need to do a little fabrication to get everything mounted to my liking but it looks SICK! Also test fit the Recaro's this is currently how the car sits.. going to be ordering a HardRace spherical rear camber kit and toe kit tomorrow.. the rear camber kills me but i can't adjust it yet because i fabricated the ones currently on the car for my old setup :/
  9. nice! i kinda want a S60R wagon lol i dunno what it is with me and wagons haha
  10. welp something came in the mail today 30th Anniversary Confetti Recaro's Cant wait to get them mounted in the car!!
  11. i put some yokohama rubber on the TE37SL's and put them on the wagon.. i need to take out some camber in the rear but im waiting on my new camberkit that should be here thursday.. pulled out the shitty single cam last weekend these goodies came in the other day i decided to put my lip on but did and took some photos of how i did it.. only thing i didnt take a picture of was the 3M double sided tape i stuck in the middle of the lip so i didnt have any screws showing. i then drilled holes in each end and fit some pull caps in that i bought at autozone
  12. depends on which B series engine you want for pricing.. are you buying a complete swap or just the long block or a short block? there are MANY threads about this topic all over the interwebs but since this forum is soo dead ill answer the question if you get a complete swap (motor, trans, harness, ecu, axles) then all you really need is a tune, motor mounts, and shift linkage.. everything else is plug and play (radiator hoses etc) also make sure if your car doesnt have a rear T bracket then make sure you get one.. not sure if they still sell them at honda but last time i did a B se
  13. welcome to the forums.. its quite dead around here lol
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