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  1. I need a new exhaust for the del... I should have known better then to check this forum ha Still empty I see
  2. Might be able to do that for you I think I had the del sol for 3k obo.. but I haven't exactly been 'active' in trying to sell it haha Colter will be at his new house hopefully in a couple weeks.. we can have a cookout here though and pictures :
  3. So I'm still in Ohio at Honda R&D.. still haven't met Jason even though he lives like 15minutes away.. Have met Monte and his forest green del sol.. Colter is here as well now.. he's going to live a couple blocks over and give me a garage bay since he has three and doesn't need them all I have a Fiat 500 now. I still have the Del Sol. Going to actually finish the drift Supra up sometime soon. Hopefully it'll be at an open practice next Friday. I also get to drift a S2K for work. Only had it out a couple times but it's fun. I have pictures that make it look like I'm not t
  4. Soo colter is here now... HF meet?
  5. I didn't know this place still existed
  6. I was lied to.. it doesn't snow in ohio we have competitor cars at work
  7. went to hocking hills area for a work drive... was in suvs and thought i might die in a traverse but the area was nice
  8. return blox parts buy good parts build
  9. but yet he will not be working in engine group at honda lol
  10. I just like randomly harassing people on here now
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