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  1. horrible! What is up with hospitals and drug companies messing up so much!! It's all over the news!!
  2. David, when that happens, just go do your own thing and be unavailable......
  3. ya it's the bushing! Better mounts will be great
  4. awesome! Glad you like driving it
  5. so cool!! Get one for your daughter? haha just kidding
  6. Everyone is suddenly into soccer while the rest of the year they know nothing about it just kidding Years ago, I bet my friend that Italy would win and they did (I had bet on lots of gum)
  7. Sarah, didn't say that.....but he is cutting defense and he isn't helping the economy as much.... Tubbith, I agree...sucks!
  8. sure, if it's the last hours of life, why not lol
  9. It's work... last week, 474 people got laid off. I'm ok for now.....but there is gonna be another one in a few months. Obama can hit the road just about now!!
  10. I'm going to go to the gym and find a punching bag and punch it so many times until I'm not angry anymore.... So pissed about everything.......so tired of it all....long story...
  11. Then I want the girl version of Snu Snu hehehe
  12. you mentioned it on your facebook that you were gonna spend the day with her Congrats on the soon-to-be-mr. and mrs. Btw, I work and live sooo close to Arundel Mills mall!!
  13. Is big bang a nickname for something? hahahaha
  14. cool...surprised popo's didn't show up before all that...
  15. Go off a cliff riding a motorcycle going over 100mph! I almost went off a cliff driving my car once...
  16. wow nice cars! my only car right now: best part of it: I want to lower and add lots more parts to it, but not going to because it's my daily and I'm just going to drive it (30mpg) until it's dead.
  17. party up! I'm expecting you to party hardcore hehe
  18. I see... then I think if you are comfortable with it, go for it! If you aren't comfortable with it, don't lead her on...
  19. I don't know her so I can't say anything. My question is why can't she work another job (waitress/bank/any job for a 20 years old girl) and get her life back on track at the same time?
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