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Happy Birthday Lina


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Can we see you in your birthday suit?


Would appear that you were 34 minutes late in your request.


What did you do for your b-day celebrations?

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Friends and I took a road trip (would have told you guys but these are other friends) and went through PA to NY to Niagara falls and then to Toronto and around the lakes (I drove like crazy through the curvy roads :D ) and put up the tent and camped out and down to Michigan and Wisconsin. Then to Chicago to visit a friend and then to Cleveland to stay at our friend's frat house. I got out of the sunroof and also switched seats while driving with my friend (Jason, this is what you said everyone should do once in their lives :D )


I would have wanted to meet up with you guys...like Gary in Chicago...but we were going through fast...


Then, on my birthday, I took the day off and went out and just had a fun day and did what I wanted to do...I went driving too... :D was fun :D


I'm happy :D yay!

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