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  1. sup

    I am back!

    You rang?
  2. sup

    So... What's up?

    Sup nance pants.
  3. sup

    Another two years?

    Sarasota is full of old people.
  4. sup

    Well hello

  5. sup

    2012 HF Meet

    [media=] [/media]
  6. sup

    Checking in...

  7. sup

    2012 HF Meet

    Come to Chicago, sluts.
  8. sup


    When you coming downtown to hit on sluts and get drinks?
  9. sup

    Post your desktop

    mac user aaawwwww yeeeeeee
  10. sup


    I'm still depressed over the Hawks.
  11. sup


    Why did you guys kill the photography section : (
  12. sup


    I would highlight you in big red letters. Wat.
  13. sup


  14. sup


    For your info my playoff beard is in full effect right now and it is glorious. pm me noodz
  15. sup

    New S2000 Look

    What do you all think about it? I think it looks a lot nicer
  16. The Devil Wears Prada - Nickels is Money Too
  17. New DCT M3 = teh sex.
  18. sup

    Vid Thread

    Awesome video showing some guys taking European delivery of a new 135i. http://vimeo.com/4990426
  19. sup

    The Rant Thread

    Run-flats CAN be patched, but it compromises the speed rating of the tire. Also it's hard to find a place that will patch one for liability reasons. Since I like driving faster than 60 I just went for a new tire.
  20. sup

    The Rant Thread

    Said tire:
  21. It's bimmer mate, the motorcycles are beamers Nice fiver Pro tip: If you hold down the unlock button on the keyfob for about 5 seconds while outside the car, the windows and sunroof will open.

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