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  1. I haven't been on here in a while. Still rocking the del sol but might end up getting rid of it at tax time though. I have kinda gotten bored with Hondas to be honest. I think most people who have been in the Honda game for a while like most of the OGs on here have pretty much seen every kind of Honda build there can be. Every swap has been done for the most part including a Subaru sti motor in an EG hatchback and a Chevy big block in an Integra. I really cant think of anything done to a Honda that I haven't seen before. I still check back on HF every blue moon and will probably continue to d
  2. cant unzip the manuals. anyone know what I can do to unzip it?
  3. good to see you too. no more sol kegger?
  4. I have kinda lost interest in Hondas. Too many people talk shit about them. And too many people give them reason to. Since i stopped posting a few years ago i have lowered it on k-sport springs, Energy Suspension rear lca bushings, gotten EDM sidemarkers, AEM intake, and EDM rear fog light. I have debated selling it and even posted an ad on CL for it. I purchased a b16 block a while back that came with pistons (bored .50 over), crank, rods, main caps, thrust washers, and oil squirters. The plan was to rebuild it with some aftermarket goodies but lost interest in it so been trying to sell or tr
  5. Wu-Tang? iv been lurking on clubcivic.com more since its more help and more posts. itd be nice to have another hf meet though.
  6. been a while since I browsed through this site. iv been focusing on other stuff for a while. still have the sol in all of its rusty glory. been trying to get into photography for a while and working on other peoples cars instead of my own lol. glad to see some of the old members posting again.
  7. about how much oil? youve been a big help on this raley.
  8. way to bring up an old thread. and i dont want to buy a new car i want to keep the sol. dick.
  9. update on the compression test. the way i numbered my cylinders was 4321 from the pass side over.(pretty sure thats not right but its how i numbered them for the test) readings were Cylinder 1- 180 Cylinder 2- 178 Cylinder 3- 158 Cylinder 4- 178 what causes 1 cylinder to be 20-22 psi lower than the rest? buddy said at least one ring in that cylinder but thought id ask raley since hes the only one whose posted
  10. expiration date????? wont get any where without it
  11. good job on keepin up posted. always nice to know how things are goin on somethin like that. get the manual from sebby. hes got the oem factory manual that is better than the haynes or anything else tbh.
  12. true. what should a healthy compression be for each cylinder with that many miles and everything done to it?
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