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    Milwaukee, WI
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    Cars, Music, Sports, Family & Friends
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    2006 RSX Type-S A-Spec, 2008 Accord LX
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    RSX: New car, nothing yet, except the few things i've bought, HID's, CF Hood, AEM V2 Intake, Comptech Exhaust, Hondata K-pro

    Integra: fully built from the bottom up, it was a summer long build, and pretty much invested about 10k in motor and tranny build.

    Accord: um its an 08 accord, what else is there to say? lol Its Nioyce
  1. Yeah been awhile for me as well, but i'll be around more often Whats new with me, just staying busy with work, and been Dj-ing at night to take my mind off stress as of lately, broke up with my g/f of 6 years, it sucks it hurts, but cant do anything about it. So beside that I bought a project car with my brother, a 95 300ZX Twin Turbo, went to Dayton, Ohio to pick it up, on the drive back my brother threw a rod in Gary Indiana, just bough a motor a few weeks ago, and its in the car going to be finishing up the wiring today had to wait for belt, pulleys and the intake manifold to comeback from getting ceramic coated, so i'll keep ya updated with pics, body is in about a C grade interior is a B-. this car was a complete fracking lemon but hey you live and you learn, but i've got about 7k into the car already o im hoping by the time all i done and said this will be a 15k car
  2. What up TL! Glad to hear your still a virgin, rockin a new whip! lol Update for me: Well recently split with my on and off g/f of 6 years, she cheated on me with one of the chicage bears staff and caught something and more than likely pregnant, and almost screwed me over....fun stuff this is just like my ex fiance....just dealing with a bunch of cheaters and frankly just tired of it. I don't have the time for it. Soooo Right now I've taken the time to figure out me for a change instead of worry-ing about people who supposedly loved me....haha what a joke...anyway i may sound a little bitter but just really no one will ever know what almost happened to me and luckily im just safe to say im healthy I have taken the time to study to be a Full Time Real Estate Agent. So been pretty busy with that for a good month and im selling my first house tomorrow! So im pretty psyched! I know i've been getting PM's from a few of you but i definately have been checking the boards for spammers and bots, making sure everyone has a good time here. I hope all is well with everyone and im in full effect on HF once again! >_^
  3. I Know its not a new car or car related...but this is from Black Friday...But I also got Three more Ipad 2's and also another 360 but since they ran out they gave me a Kinect 250GB bundle ^_^
  4. how you kats been? havent been around in a few weeks...finally back in my office all set upsters
  5. Man I just want Christian Bale's Autograph, and well Of course this guy name Rick Bolander as well
  6. As much as I know so far none...but that would be cool if he did!
  7. Just wanted to bring it to your attn if he hasnt already Rick is going to be in the new Batman: Dark Knight Rises movie as one of Gotham's Finest police officer. So Kudos Rick.....just hope you didnt have to do any favors to get that gig
  8. NANCY ROOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! btw Ken = VR17
  9. This happens every now and then when the site requires Drew to respond pertaining the hosting, all should be good, if need be we can add each other if we havent already to Facebook, Twitter, Google + etc to stay in contact if something happens.
  10. Yeah I got it, dont really use it, but yeah....i haz it
  11. The site was shut down temporarily, all is fixed now so no worries
  12. talent truly wasted to addiction....really sucks RIP
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