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  1. Just checking in. Any regs that I used to talk to still here?
  2. whoa, new layout is weird
  3. no friendly crap, just seen you breakin dudes heart about his, i guess del sol and you had me rollin! lmfaoooooooooooooooooo

  4. whatever happened to our member batman? everyone gave that guy crap
  5. hey nancy! How ya doing?

    dude, just seen on ur profile your the same age as me! Totally the highlight of the last minute of my life.

  6. I spent the night at one of my girlfriends house last night and didn't have clean chonies so I had to wear them inside out today.
  7. I'm gonna post pics in the picture thread when I get to my goal weight of 115. I have 8 more pounds to lose.
  8. The bubble is no more. I sold that bitch for my down payment for me and brandons new pad. Went to a good home, at least the guy who bought is already tracking it at streets of willow. I just have the 95 hatch that I blew the head gasket and the Tacoma as the daily. What do you guys think of the crz? That looks like a cool little car.
  9. ive been hitting the gym up a lot lately, i really wanna compete in amature bikini contests like in the arnold classic. i was really bummed out because ive been working my ass off and when i went to weigh myself i only lost one pound. buuuuuuuut when i got my fat percentage read i was at 18% so the muscle i gained replaced the fat i lost. i can bench 115x8, my goal is to get 135 once by the end of the month. i swear my tits lifted up like an inch since i started weight training.
  10. blast from the past, just cause i love ben so much anyone remember this douche? and me and brandon back in the day me with my ej6
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