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  1. Only thing I can figure is the head trauma. I was pretty banged up and swollen. For about two weeks my whole head was bruised and swollen to the point of being visibly noticeable from a distance. I'm not too worried about the car since I was trying to sell it anyway. State Farm game me more than I paid for the car 4 years ago and more than I was asking for it while trying to sell it. Just hate that I had to flip it to get ride of it. It isn't the easiest way to sell a car. Lol
  2. No clue brah. I was taken away on a stretcher and didn't see it again for 3 days.
  3. Yeah, lucky to be alive really. Good thing I sit gangster in the car or I would have been in trouble. Lol. Car is long gone brah. Sowwwies. (I wanted them too, but didn't have a chance to grab them. Was still recovering when I went and saw the car and got what I could out of it)
  4. So, My April 20/21 was an interesting night. I don't remember anything from 30 minutes/an hour before the wreck until about 6 hours after. I do know the acura (and my seat belt) saved my life that night. No other vehicles involved. Looks like I ran off the road a bit, over corrected, and the car started spinning. I was along for the ride after that. Went into the ditch backwards at an unknown speed, and made contact right where the ditch meets someones driveway. The car flipped and landed on the roof where I was trapped in the car until the FD pulled me out. Spent 5 or so hours in the
  5. Holy sh*t it's been awhile. Hope everyone is doing well.
  6. Hell, yall do another meet somewhere near me and I may have to try and make this one.
  7. '98 Acura CL shares a lot with the '97 accord.
  8. I was thinking the CRX HF or a civic hatch.
  9. Tis true. Nonetheless, I figured I'd ask assuming one would not be posted. Always worth the effort though.
  10. Thats a habit formed on other forums.
  11. Bunch of White Knightin tards. A spoon pic is an indirect way of seeing what we are working with here.
  12. Acura will finally be paid off next month. Now I have to decide if I want to keep it or sell it and buy something I'd enjoy driving more. As much as I hate the MPG it gets, and how boring it is to drive, I'm leaning towards keeping. I figure I can tint the windows, get it resprayed, and do a tune up on it and just run it until I graduate from school.
  13. I hear ya brah. Ended up being a pretty good game if you like low scoring close games. Braves took it 2-1 off two solo home runs in the 8th.
  14. I'd go to the game. Although, you will probably be going to watch my Braves get their 3rd win of the season.
  15. You say that until you get in the gym and start gaining weight. Then you look in the mirror and feel you are still small. My problem is, I gotta lose a ton of weight, then get big. It sucks for me during the cutting, but will probably work in my favor when I start trying to add muscle.
  16. Motivation brah. Motivation.
  17. Right now im just finishing up my core stuff. More than likely going for a BBA in marketing. And yeah, I know the market is horrible, and Im pretty sure its only going to get worse if gas hits >$5/gal this summer. Either way, I needed to get back in school and finish what I started. Hopefully it will pay off in the long run.
  18. Random thought: Got an A- on the first paper I have written in 7 years. I started, wrote, and finished the entire thing 8 hours before it was due. Oh, and i have a 4.0 in all classes after dropping out and bullsh*tting for 5 years. Wish I had put in the work 5 years ago. I'd be making that paper.
  19. Brah, I want a ride when you make it back to the East coast. The beers will be on me as long as we can beat on this thing for a lil while before then.
  20. I've moved on from wanting to build cars, to wanting to build a truck. Just tried of sitting on the ground and gettin less than 20 MPG. Maybe I should just get rid of my Acura 3.0CL and buy an old Honda.
  21. So, because you dont like something some people do, the government should outlaw it? What if some people dont like something you do? Does that mean it would then be ok for the government to outlaw what you like because someone else doesn't like it?
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