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    The HF slut

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    New York
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    just chillaxin and havin fun
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    '00 Honda Civic
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    -Current '00 Civic
    nothing yet...

    -My old '09 Subaru STi
    stage 1 tune, thats all it needed. :)

    -My old 2002 Subaru WRX
    Power: spt intake, sti cat back exhaust, '07 oem sti uppipe, megan racing downpipe, stage 2 tuned (16.5psi)
    Drivetrain: jdm sti RA 5-speed gearset, Kaaz lsd, sport clutch

    -My old 1997 honda civic-
    -1995 obd1 GSR engine
    -Competition street clutch
    -Competition aluminum flywheel
    -JDM GSR transmission
    -Skunk2 intake manifold
    -Skunk2 66mm Race throttle body
    -Skunk2 titanium adjustable cam gears
    -Skunk2 OBD2 to OBD1 conversion harness
    -mugen chipped P28 ECU
    -Skunk2 spark wire cover
    -NGK Type R spark plugs
    -AEM cold air intake for 2000 civic SI
    -DC civic SI header 4-2-1
    -OEM Type R throttle cable with bracket
    -Apex VAFC2 vtec controller

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  1. hello, is anyone home???
  2. Im buying a house in the Sarasota/Tampa FL area and relocating in Jan.
  3. Yeah, this bike was stolen last august from my driveway.
  4. I'm currently looking for short yellow school buses to convert into an awesome road trip machine, I want to do another HF road trip.
  5. jeebus, another rick. Is it ok if I call you Number 2 or mini me? Look for rust. The tops almost always leak so look for rotting rubber and good seals. Don't worry about going out and buying the one with the b16 motor, its easy to do a swap in these cars.
  6. You really miss your tent being run over that much brian?
  7. I am definitely down for some "fishing" lol. That was a good time.
  8. I would definitely look into other replacement motor options. The del sol is a great car to have, very reliable and good on gas.
  9. Hey Gary, Welcome to the forums first off. The del sol is a pretty sought after car in the honda world. I would suggest keeping it as a nice little project. Go ahead and get the motor and have it installed if youre not sure on how to do the work yourself. Answer some questions if you can; How do you know the car needs a new engine? Can you tell us a little history on the car? Do you know what engine the car has?
  10. Well first off, you don't want to rush into a build head first and try to do everything all at once. Start with the basics, you want your car to "breathe" better. Get a full exhaust and intake system. Example build list: -DC Header ($100-$200) -2 1/2 inch header back exhaust ($200 or so depending on shop) -AEM Cold air intake ($150-$200) That will give you a few extra ponies and improve gas mileage a little bit while at the same time giving your car a nice sound. If you want to step it up a little more look into an aftermarket intake manifold and throttle body. Skunk2 makes
  11. Hey beautiful bitches. So is there going to be a meet or not?
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