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  1. TLontheDL

    sun visor

    arent they held up by screws? It might be covered by a plastic piece.
  2. I was going to suggest to tighten the gas cap until 3 clicks but Im sure that isn't the case.
  3. Who do you root for? How far do you think your team will go this year? I'm from Houston and so far we are 2-0. I feel optimistic about making the playoffs, despite a 2-14 season last year. Reason being is that we have a soft schedule this year but then again, we also have a new coach and a mediocre qb.
  4. I have been out of the honda/acura world for quite some time but honda and acura come with cvt trannys??
  5. Well, in general, hondas are reliable cars. Just keep up with the regular maintenance such as oil changes, tuneups (includes new belts, new spark plugs, ignition wires, fluids are in check, etc.) brake pads are changed when needed, new tires (depending on if youre a "speed racer" or you brake hard, drift..you'll need new tires and rotating tires is recommended). Anyway, if you have a heavy foot, i would recommend an accord, specifically a v6. 4 cylinder cars, be it accord of civic, if you have a heavy foot, you will work your engine harder than it should so the wear and tear on the engine is highly likely. If you get a v6 accord (civics don't come in v6), you can floor it without working the engine too hard. However, there are 4 cyclinder civics that are pretty strong, civic si or something..
  6. As far as brands are concerned, there are several brake brands. Are you wanting the whole brake package or do you mean brake pads? Brembo makes brakes but they aren't cheap. There are other brands that are slotted and drilled, which are cheaper. Since your car is a honda, you can search google or amazon for brands. They all range in diff prices so choose one within your budget. If you want brake pads, i usually buy akebono (spelling?). Short shifter: budddy club? blackworks? skunk2? headers: dc sport? exhaust: apex? buddyclub? dc sports? 5zigen? greddy? hks? mugen? nuspeed? tanabe? headlights/tailights: no clue but you can search google or amazon clutch: act? cm? centerforce? exedy? foglights: piaa?
  7. I'm not sure what you're asking us.
  8. A new engine, even if it has 95k, is better than the 195k that crapped out. If its within your budget, drop that engine in and drive it. This time, bring it to another place that know how to screw in an oil plug! Be sure the engine is compatible too.
  9. I'm not sure b/c I'm not into the "import scene" anymore but is the honda/acura scene still big? Is a dead honda forum a tell tale sign of the dying scene? School me b/c Im out of the loop.
  10. I cleaned up as much as I could the other day. wtf, it took forever..
  11. Welcome and thanks for offering your knowledge about HID installation!!
  12. When you say Sports, you mean a 2 door? Did you get the 4 cylinder or 6? Obviously, V6 is a stronger engine and it would be a fun car to drive compared to a weak 4 cylinder.
  13. It looks great. Just be sure they are evenly level for both headlights. To check this, my experience is to have it beaming on a garage door. This way you can tell if one is higher than the other. The worst is driving around and seeing someone with one headlight "highbeaming" you while the other headlight is at a normal angle lol
  14. It depends on which style you like. I personally like this one: http://www.topgearautoparts.com/product/4220/Buy-discount-98-02-Honda-Accord-2Drs-T-R-JDM-Mesh-Black-Front-Grille-for-your-autos-.html http://www.k2motor.com/98-02-honda-accord-front-grille-tr-real-carbon-fiber.html?utm_source=shopzilla&utm_medium=cse
  15. Your radiator tubing may need changing. get it checked out ASAP! When you stop, a fan should come on automatically. check for radiator fluid leak, it should be a florescent green color. Get it changed out asap b/c it happened to me and when you start to see smoke coming from your hood, it is usually b/c the radiator fluid, which is usually cool busts from a tube and splatters onto a hot engine...which in turn causes visible smoke coming from your hood! Please go get it checked.
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