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My apologies, to one and all!


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In all actuality my leaving really has less to do about whoring, and more to do with attitude! That has been slowly building since my fathers suicide on February 2nd(his birthday) and the fact that I found out out about it on my birthday February 11th. As of late a deep dark depression has set in, and I am easily set off, so rather than create more problems on the forum I love! I figured was easier to just walk away. Had not seen him in 20 years in which time neither of us attempted to make contact for a very stupid reason! (will not go into that, lets just say it was neither of our faults, but a 3 RD party)! Followed up shortly after by the death of my best friend.


Not trying to make excuses for my crapty attitude, but also found out my job of 13 years may finally be coming to a end, if so I will wind up selling our home for what we owe and walking away from it! Due to super poor job market, there is no way I will find another job making as much money anywhere. So basically I will be what I consider a fuucking failure to my wife, family, and as a man and provider.


So in short I apologize for being a assshole, and will still be around to keep up on things, but will no longer post or make threads. In truth my heart is really no longer in it. I might as well enjoy the family more, and work on the Sol til I might be forced to sell again. I am truly only happy when out in my garage or on here, so maybe I will take up wood working, and my stained glass again. Will still be a Aim whore, but to a reduced rate! >_<



God I hate EMO crap! (But I feel alot better) :crazy:


So Ashley I am sorry for pissing you off (the Ginger comparison was a good burn BTW) :thumbsup:


and Ben you know I luv ya man, was in bad mind set, and was making I guess a bad comparison between you and me! >_<


Oh and Rob still think you are a uptight guy who needs to not be such jerk alot of the time. Seriously this might sound stupid coming from me right now, but just because you can be a jerk, does not mean you should be. Just a piece of friendly advise from a fellow assshole! :thumbsup:


Having said that^^^ I do still apologize to you too! :)



Much love to one and all, and dont be surprised if you get a PM every once in a while! Maybe once spring approaches I will come out of my funk, (though Febuary is going to be rough) and I will start posting again! :)


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The Ginger comparison was because he was complaining about how he was going to leave the forum and had a couple of people who were "begging" him to stick around/"defending" him on the issue thus creating an uproar. There are vast differences between you and the Ginger, as (as far as we can tell) you are not a fraud.


Sorry to hear about all you've gone through this past year, and what you may soon be facing. There's no need to feel like a failure to your wife/family when it comes to the job issues, as that is due to the poor economy more than poor job performance.


Perhaps you'll change your mind, as Nate did a while back after he decided to leave HF. If not, then best wishes for the future, just remember not to stress too much because nothing good comes of that.

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I'm really sorry that you have gone through all that. I hope you can get through it. I understand a ltitle about feeling like a failure. We've had compounding debt for the past year or two that keeps sinking us further and further and has caused me to feel like a failure at times. We've worked hard and have hopefully found a way out of it. Do your best and you will get through the hard times. I'm sure your wife is loving and supportive of you in whatever ways you need.



I too made a decision to leave HF in the past. I was gone about 4 months (I think) and finally came back. I was going through some hard times during that period as well, so I understand needing a break from "the norm". I hope when things turn back around you will come back and post again with us. I'll still see you around on AIM I'm sure.

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wow mike. im sorry to hear that. yes its a tough world out there. Dont look at yourself as a failure. you deff got awesome wood working skills. Dont think i have seen your stained glass skills. Get up with me so i can pay you for the Sway bar links. Unfortunally time these days is tough " like my grandparents say they would rather grow up when they did rather then now days due to the economy" I would love to see you finish your sol and not have to sell it. But if life they always stab you in the back any more. If you need anything you know you can always get up with me. You where a hell of fast post and im sure once life gets back together you will appear and post whore again. Your the Local Honda Forum Post Whore in my book. But also a good internet friend. Good Luck turning life around.

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We'll miss you Pearce. Sorry to hear about your dad... Hang in there man. I might be switching to a trade school for auto repair, maybe I'll head out to Idaho in a few years and we can run the Sol Preservation Society out of a garage. :thumbsup:


Good luck!

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hey mike, i know i aint talked to you much since uve been on the forum, but i really hope that you get your life back on track, and feel happy again once more. It must suck what has happened to you recently, but make the most out of it and try ya best to get back on your feet.

if you need to talk about stuff im sure many of the regulars would be able to take time out to hear you out. It may just be a car forum, but there is a real feeling of community on here within some members, and im sure most would be there if you need help or advice.

all the best.


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and Ben you know I luv ya man, was in bad mind set, and was making I guess a bad comparison between you and me! >_<


Truthfully I had nothing against you. Ya'll brought me up.

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I can level with you on how you feel about the job thing, I just lost mine and thats got me down pretty low, but just got to fight and dont let yourself get too down. You will only be a failure if you look at it in that light. Anyway I hope all gets back to normal for you in a timely manner, and as Seb said many of the regs see this as a community so you can talk with us if you need, just hit us up.

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Idaho is a black hole. You needed a reason to get the hell out of there anyway.


I don't go for the self loathing venting out my personal depression issues on a public forum like you do you big pansy. I keep them bottled up inside until they bust out in a homicidal rage like any real man should.


PM me anytime you want. :wub:

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seriously, if I were there or you were here, I would give you the biggest hardest hugssss ever...


I'm sorry about what you have gone through...it's horrible and it makes life sucky, but you are such an awesome character in my mind/eyes/heart :) I really hope things go very well for you...loves and hugs :)


let me know if I can do anything at all :) huuuuugggssss :) wish you all the best :)

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Sorry to hear about all you have been through man :(

It's times like these when I'm down I always say "Life's a bitch and then you die." I'm sure you're familiar with that.

You have kept your chin up pretty high, always been a happy character when we talk :thumbsup: You've got a good heart, as I've told you and the wife before. You will be in my thoughts and prayers, and I hope everything turns around.

Don't feel like a failure. It's not your fault, really think about it. You will find something, and life will get better, slowly but surely. It's tough times man, I can't find part-time work. But I keep looking :thumbsup: . Keep your chin up big man. Hang on, life's a wild ride.

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"I keep them bottled up inside until they bust out in a homicidal rage like any real man should. "


Lmao. cheers i needed a giggle. lol. oh how true.




But no, don't bottle crap up inside ya, cos it'll make you go pop eventually.

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holy sh!t mike! damn man im sorry :(

i'll miss you in here man. but ill still KIT on AIM

i dont think this year has been going too great for anybody :sleep2:

well take care and ill talk to you soon buddy! :thumbsup:

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if you need an ear bro i'm hear for ya! :D


things happen for a reason. it's part of life. if it was so easy, it wouldn't be worth living ya know. It's the challenges in life that gives up

character and strengthen our weaknesses.


Be strong and stay positive! Stay on track! You're not a failure so don't tell yourself that.


at the end of the day, you still have your job, your family and your wife. Try to see the positive in your situation. Things do happen for

a reason, though sometimes we don't understand why, maybe down the road things will make sense.


remember you're not a failure! You only fail when you let yourself be defeated! Money comes and money goes, and in the end you can't

take anything with you.


Not comparing by any means but hope you take this as inspiration...


My life has been anything but easy. Everything I have ever had I worked my ass off for, nothing came easy and nothing was handed to me. It wasn't

until i hit rock bottom when something inside me snapped. I saw things in my life from a different perspective.

I knew i was unhappy, crap that was clear. but i didn't know what truly made me happy.


When i figured out that one thing, what makes you happy, things started to come together. I learned there are things in life that you CAN control, and things

in life that you CAN'T control.


Rather then waste energy being mad, upset, pissed off, sad or any other negative energy... I stopped and said to myself. what good does it do to get pissed off

everyday in traffic. I have no choice. There really isn't anything I can do about it. I have to drive in it. So why be so pissed. It was hard at first, but i started

letting things go. Why should i let traffic get to me, i couldn't make traffic disappear.


I started concentrating on things I could control. What am i unhappy about that i can control? My poor choice in women. it always seemed i met the crazies and

attracted the same type of woman. I can change this, and did.


these are just two examples of many in my life. I'm sorry to ramble but I feel your pain.


What happened in the past has already happened. you can't change it, therefore you can't control it. It may be hard to let go, but you have to. Accept it

and move on. don't dwell on negativity. Focus on the present and the future. You CAN control your present and future.


Don't think of it as this is a big world and you're just one person on it, think of it as this is YOUR WORLD and everyone else is apart of it.


You control your destiny. you'll be alright bro! i have faith in you! be strong and hang in there!

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