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  1. haha, that could be it... after the first day of driving his civic, i was happy that i didn't opt to pick up a newer si last summer. his isn't an si, but there are just things that annoy me about the car. the way it feels, and the fact that being on the short side makes it possible to only read half of the speedometer with the wheel up (which is where i prefer it to be). he seems to be losing second gear, as well, but he was kind enough to lend me his car for "a few days" which has turned into more than a month, so i can't complain too much. this place appears to be pretty much beyond dead. i'm only taking one class at the moment, so i have a little more time on my hands as of late. someday, i might once again have a car that i want to mod, but i picked up the scion just to have a reliable car for daily driving and road trips. i never had an interest in changing it up at all. that actually faded out some with the prelude. i would have liked to have had more time with that car, but life happens and the car despised me lol.
  2. haha, thanks... my associates is in hospitality, travel, and tourism. now i'm on to the b.s. in business administration, concentration in hospitality and tourism management. this whole accident process has been nothing but a nightmare, from the time it happened until now (and it's ongoing). the airbags didn't deploy (apparently toyota reserved that for mostly front end collisions, only the right side of the front was damaged), but there was enough impact to either break the console tabs or at least break it out of position and both visors were off to the sides after. i would have suffered minor injuries had i been in the car, instead of having to run away from it. i've been missing my del sol, but have always missed the crx more. there were a few chances i had to buy another, but knew it would be a very bad move for me financially lol. i'd have to dig up the old pictures of my crx, i'm not sure if i have them on this computer or if they were all on the old laptop. there's a couple on my fb page. i've been driving my friend's '07 civic since the accident, and must say i'm not a fan. it just doesn't have that same "honda" feel.
  3. So much for having time for this place, seeing as my last check-in was two years ago... thought it was a year, oh well. If you're on my FB, or we talk through other mediums, you know this already (most likely)... I haven't owned a Honda in a year. Preludes hate me. Threw a rod through my H22A4 after rebuilding it. Swapped in a JDM H23A VTEC. A year later, blew that one, too. Sold the car as is, picked up a Scion tC with low mileage so I could have a reliable car for commuting and the like. I stopped caring about the "scene" years ago, although I can still appreciate hard work and dedication to it when it's done right. I just don't care to be a part of it anymore; I have other priorities in my life. Received my Associate of Arts degree in February, started on my B.S. in March. Racking up student loan debt is fun. I'm no longer a blonde; my avatar pic lies. My tC may or may not be a goner. Purchasing a car for reliability fails when a woman smashes into its rear on the Garden State Parkway, pushing it into the car in front of mine. I wasn't in the car. Stopped at the scene of an accident I witnessed on my way home from Atlantic City one night. Car overturned. Found out days later it was some guy who plays for the Jets. Jersey is a joke, took over a month of fighting to get my accident report. Have it now, have the woman's insurance information, playing the waiting game again.
  4. If your girlfriend isn't confident driving in wintry conditions, then it isn't going to matter what vehicle you put her in. You have to know how to drive in such weather, how to react in the event something unexpected happens. Put her in something that she feels comfortable in, and then teach her how to properly maneuver in different situations.
  5. CRG7


    It's a good thing I have an endless supply of them :-P
  6. teach her to drive stick. it's better in wintry conditions than auto, anyway.
  7. CRG7

    What did I do?

    I had that troll doll when I was tiny (tinier than I am now). Where are pics of this supposed reality, OP?
  8. CRG7


    I was only going to buy it to swap the engine into my Prelude. Then I was going to just grab an Accord engine, throw that in the Accord, and sell it.
  9. CRG7


    My old del Sol Si (1995... d16z6) was consistent with 35-38 MPG, sometimes it'd squeeze a little more out of a tank. (Prelude has thus far gotten a max of maybe 29 MPG.) Velocifero... I was *this* close to buying a 94 Accord w/ an H22 swap after I blew my a4. It was an older H22, though, so I opted for the JDM H23A VTEC engine instead.
  10. Unless the discussion moved in a different direction, I believe he means that there are drain holes near or under the pieces labeled as part # 17 in the diagram: http://www.hondaautomotiveparts.com/auto/jsp/mws/catimgs/13sr201_b4210.png (OR http://www.hondaautomotiveparts.com/auto/jsp/mws/prddisplay.jsp?inputstate=5&catcgry1=DEL+SOL&catcgry2=1995&catcgry3=2DR+SI&catcgry4=KA5MT&catcgry5=MOLDING+-+PROTECTOR) If you happen to break those trim pieces, I have two new ones sitting in my garage. Was positive a while back that I cracked one on my old Sol... my Sol either healed itself, or I was hallucinating this crack for a while... after I got the pieces, the crack was no longer there.
  11. CRG7


    Yeah, it sold quick, but took around a month for him to pick up the car. I don't know who pays for a car and then waits so long to get it, but I had my money and the car is long gone now so so be it. I wasn't really sad about it, I had it for nine years after all and I stopped driving it pretty much after I bought the Prelude. After I took it off the road, it was just taking up space.
  12. This statement obviously excludes me ;-)
  13. CRG7


    If I have a few spare moments here and there, I'll remember to stop by. Time is always so short, though. I don't miss the del Sol and it's extraordinary lack of power. I miss the targa top at times, but someday I'll get around to grabbing a condenser and a line and have a/c in the Prelude.
  14. CRG7

    h23a vtec

    The H23A VTEC (bluetop) was not available in the US, it was found in the Accord SiR wagons. Information can be sparse on the engine, with estimated HP listed at 200 or 215. It is comparable to the H22a4, but has more torque. I have the JDM H23A VTEC in my 2000 Prelude now. I am currently using my stock ECU. It runs, but gives false misfire codes. I ordered an ECU from Phearable to cure my blinking CEL and run the proper basemap. While I have yet to actually push the car much, I have noticed an overall power increase compared to my old H22a4. There are those that pair an H23a1 block with an H22 vtec head in order to create an H23/VTEC, as well, which is not to be confused with the JDM H23A VTEC.
  15. CRG7


    Realized I haven't stopped by here in ages... I work two jobs. I started taking classes in April. I spend my weeknight off with my friends or with my boyfriend. I spend my weekends an hour away at my boyfriend's. Add it up, equals little time for non-email and facebook related internet activities. Of course, those are checked often thanks to my Droid. I sold my del Sol in April, farewell. I have my Prelude. Rebuilt the bottom end of the engine a couple of months back. A month later, a rod snapped. Put a lovely hole in the block. Thought it to be hydrolocked, as it happened conveniently after I had to drive through a horrible storm on the highway. Swapped an H23A VTEC in a few weeks or a month ago, finally got the proper ECU in from Phearable so in the next day or two I can install it and get rid of my false misfire codes. That's the gist of it.
  16. brand new's "daisy" (minus tracks 1 & 6) on repeat for the past few days. 1, because it's amazing & 2, because the ipod tends to be frozen when i get in the car (and i don't bother to switch to it mid-drive).
  17. i'll get around to compiling these perhaps sometime this week, so nominations can begin around the end of the year.
  18. maybe you shouldn't be taking pictures while you're driving in bad weather, just an idea i gave up driving home last night, made it to my brother's house, parked the car and had my boyfriend pick me up
  19. if you need to keep a written list of your hook-ups, then you are a really are a whore
  20. CRG7

    Newbie: DC

    gorgeous welcome to hf
  21. I believe this is what some users are considering to be "second gen". The original release was of the 20 & 60gb models. Sony followed those up with the 40gb model that included the Spider-Man 3 blu-ray and the 80gb model that included MotorStorm (the one I have, what a lousy game... it went to eBay), then released the MGS4 bundle. Then the slims were released.
  22. xCRG7x but I don't have time to get on it, and don't play games online.
  23. CRG7

    Del Sol front bumper

    thus why you need to purchase someone's used bumper cover, rather than an aftermarket cover.
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