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    CARS!!!!!!! Wood working, stained glass, ect!
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  1. I will see your turboed Sol you cant seem to keep in one piece, and in your possesion.... And raise you reliable, driveable Lude??..... J\King ya man....
  2. Well you are a DICK! Car will run without hood and fenders, and who the hell needs headlights anyways? I can sell you 2 Dewalt flash lights, they will run for hours!!! Plus seems half the people here consider signals to be a option not a requirement! Take no offense I am a wisea$$!!!
  3. Cant wait to start on LUDE!!!!!!!!!!

  4. You Still get one here?

  5. Still hot as always I see! Just thought I would say HI!

  6. 2 X in less than 24 hors I havwe checked in!! Thats a record!!!

  7. Not missing much it appears???

  8. Who the f@#$ are all these people?

  9. Who installed springs?? I remember some one calling me on phone with same problem (from Portland area) I said ummmm did the front spring on back. Followed by silence then a expletive I think. How ever I think it was the rear did not drop and front did. Been a while though. However I am thinking that is opposite of your issue. So I am thinking bump stops on struts need to be cut??
  10. He's done timing belts on it before I think? He is probably 83K miles on current belt.
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