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  1. Well, it's evidently a part of the PCV system... Not sure how that'd blacken your oil, I'd think it would be more likely to cause an oil leak from increased crankcase pressure. And then only if it's 100% clogged and you've got a fair bit of cylinder blow-by. And the Charcoal Canister is hooked up to the gas tank and the intake manifold, gotta keep those gas fumes from killing little woodland creatures before they get run over. Shouldn't be any way for it to effect oil condition
  2. I have an unpainted one from the previous owner of my Sol. He shaved and puttied the license plate holes, not sure how that'll work once it's painted, but it'll keep you legal. I'm in York, so probably not far away. I also drive to Harrisburg tuesday and thursday evenings. Sadly, I did not get the lip with the bumper.
  3. Thanksgiving in Maine for me. Thursday full of food and fun, Friday and Saturday full of snow and snowboarding with my cousins. Looks like it'll be perfect weather for it too. :-D
  4. ^ I'm trying to decide if that's a win or a fail... since until the 3gs came out the iPhone was just what happened when you ruined an iPod touch...
  5. My case is red, but yeah. Finally broke down and got an iPhone. First Apple product I've ever owned. Also drove up to New York and picked up a CF hood, airbag, bumper beam, and PS fender for the Sol. So yeah, my school loan refund is gone now.
  6. 1981 Honda CM400 Custom. Amazing starter bike.
  7. My sig says it all, hehe. Learned to drive in a 2000 Honda Accord 5-spd, took my test in it, and plan on sticking with standards. Hated the Subie's autotragic, but I can stomach it in our Pilot... If I ever need an SUV though, I'll get a manual Element or CR-V.
  8. Evidently "Biker Geek" isn't an oxymoron
  9. A can in the tank, a can through a vacuum line, boom, better gas mileage. I've also tried putting it in the crankcase since that's another recommended use... Didn't notice much difference from that. I'll be doing that to the Teggy soon... Didn't have the Suby long enough to find out how well it worked on it, but seafoam made a world of difference on the Sol last fall.
  10. Yeah, that's what I'm thinking... Sol comes first though, for now it's basically a pretty nice beater/DD. Once my Sol is fixed up and pretty again, then I can get this looking a bit better. As for any two-tone stuff... meh. If it had some kind of dealer applied side-stripes or something... Possibly racing stripes if I find anything that looks good, but most likely I'll just respray it the original color. Hmmm... that looks pretty good as well... Well, we'll see if the bug-eyes can grow on me enough before I have the funds to do a front end conversion. I've got to admit, the high-beams are insanely good. Yeah, this actually has noticeable body-roll, so I might go with a slight drop. Then, at some point, maybe throw a VTEC head on the block. Although... Honestly, 180 hp in that thing is a lot of get-up-and-go. We'll see. Sound system is pretty sweet, not sure if it's been messed with or not. Biggest thing I need to do is figure out the security system and either pull it out entirely, or get it set to use purely as a keyless entry... seeing as how I only have the one remote.
  11. I'm not entirely sure if I'll keep it for the long haul or not... It is starting to grow on me. If I do, I'd almost definitely do a front end conversion to one of the better looking teggies from that year, repaint it... And get some 15" or 16" subtle 5-spoke rims... Might throw on a short ram and a nicer valve cover, and that'd probably be everything. We'll see. For now, it's a DD that... Well, thought it didn't need much of anything. Got it home, and now the ABS light is on. Odds are it's either the accumulator or the fluid is too contaminated with water for the pump...
  12. It's hydraulic, and sounds good. We'll see if/when I can come up with funds. Anyway, official pics of the teggy sitting out front. As before, pic is linked to the full album. Except for the bugeyes, I'm really starting to like the car... Just need to fix the antenna, fender... I think that's it actually. We'll see after I get it up on the lift at work and go over it with a fine tooth comb.
  13. I might have to take you up on the B parts... I dunno, have to see when I can come up with the funds to kick off the restoration. Yeah, really... But what I have is just a D16A. No number on the end. What little I've found on it points to it being a JDM SOHC ZC engine... So 130ish hp stock. A touch more power than the z6, a lot less economy. Although that could be more the transmission's fault... Not sure, hence the reason I want to ditch both.
  14. I'm afraid not. Sale of a D16A sometime in the future, since I kinda hate the engine... Great for boost, but a Z6 gets significantly better mileage for a tiny drop in power, and a B16 gets a boost in both compared to it....
  15. I am. Already told him I'd take it. It'll be inspected, have new brakes, and just need a touch of body work on the fender, and I'll put the tires and rims from the Sol on it. I've already test-driven it, so I know it's solid. It might need a clutch at some point... But that'd be quick and painless with the use of the lift at work. And the interior.... Even the Sol doesn't make me feel that... welcome. Have to see how good the stereo is... I think it's silver, so I'll probably end up swapping out anyway. The Sony Xplode I got from Mike has the right color scheme for both the Sol and the Teggy. I'll also be selling the motor and trans out of the Sol, and storing it until I can afford to start the resurrection. I just don't have the finances right now. Fortunately a buddy of mine has some free garage space, and I'd like to help him out a bit anyway.
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