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  1. CelticRacer


    i know i had to in my 01 civic but like i said im not 100% on it for a 92 civic
  2. CelticRacer


    i had to when i did them in my sol but that was mostly to do the aux lights. it will probably make it easier for you if you do
  3. well you are right that the pcv with vent excess pressure, my understanding of the line to the intake(now a breather filter) is more or less an emissions thing. i would assume that blocking it off will have no ill effects. i am a little fuzzy on what you call a "check valve" but i am thinking basically another pcv valve. if thats what you mean then it shouldnt be needed to vent the valve cover by tapping into it.
  4. babies and weddings are over-rated... go for a clean sol instead. lol
  5. So if you didnt know its winter up here in Alaska. As usual i am spending the winter planning my build for the coming spring on my car. Alot of the work so far has been repairs more then mods and this spring will most likely be more of the same. Money is tight right now but here is the list i have so far of what i am planning to do to my sol. Mishimoto Dual Core Radiator w/ Slim Fan (stock rad has a bad crack in it) DEI Header Wrap Ebay Cold Air Intake (cheap and effective until i go boost) Ebay Test Pipe (cheap and effective until i can afford to make my own) Tenarai 2.
  6. ^ lol. looks like mine. you can clean it off on xmas day and pretend its a present.
  7. looks like you at least have a good start towards something awesome, it all takes time... and money oh god the money. lol
  8. i kinda like the new rims. not something you see on sols. +1 for originality in my book i think the back could use a little lower of a drop, not alot though. what hids are you running? they look pretty good in that pic
  9. yes it has been done. it will work like you are wanting it to. what have you heard about the vc breather filter getting messy with boost? i havent heard anything about that but most people who run turbos weld it shut and tap&weld 2 bungs to the front of the vc.
  10. ok, well it aint the pgmfi main relay. just replaced it with no luck. trying the icm tommorow anyone got any info to help a brotha out?
  11. welcome. your french toast makes me want to find you and steal it. lol, jk. very nice teg dude
  12. seb, buddy old pall. if you havent replaced the roof seals on your sol they will cause that same leak (i have it in mine currently, just waiting to put the new seals in this summer). they are about $565 u.s. got em from the stealership. i might even have a honda manual write up on how to install them, just gotta find it.
  13. ok, cool. just wondering. i took mine out for the same reasons. did you manage to get everything out?
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