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  1. What's happening? So quick question for you guys... So when I try to start the car nothing is happening except for the rad fan turning on and the starter is not clicking. So I manually tried to start the car with an 8-g wire from the battery to the solenoid, and the starter is now clicking and intermittently turning over. However when I do this the transmission ground is arc'ing out...Which needs to stop. Any idea what the cause is? I'm quite lost and getting annoyed. Starter & battery are brand spanking new as well. I've cleaned up the thermostat ground so it's nice and shiny too. Thanks a bunch!
  2. Thats Awesome, A big congrats to ya! Hopefully it all works out well for ya in the long run!!!!!
  3. Not yet..She went back under the car cover for a couple more weeks. but soon I hope.
  4. So..who's deleting all that discussion? lol...And not to be a jerk, but this pic is for you brian
  5. Well ain't that a BITCH!..It maybe ricey..but hide that fmic with a really tight hole pattern grill..
  6. People around my area scope cars out for a week and carry around ecu's with them to toss in real quick...Pretty much a bunch of different kill switch combo's is the only thing that will possibly work.
  7. http://www.buzzfeed.com/burnred/charlie-sheen-rant-winning-mash-up-281t
  8. It's the same process..which ever you find to be easiest, either pull engine or drop trans and support the engine..The clutch alignment tool is larger than the D-series one and the rear T-mount can be a pain but it's pretty straight forward and simple to do.
  9. ..Why dont you run the wires under the fuel rail..?
  10. Un-true..tubing is tubing unless living in the state of CA where carb. numbers are necessary.
  11. haha nice.that certainly is one hell of a honda pile..and I want Shari's sol. But yeah the back 'frame rail' of my bench is a 2x6 screwed into the studs with 4" screws and the 3/4" plywood is screwed down on top of the 2" section in the back. At some point I may brace the leg's on the outside with a 2x4..but for now I'm just gonna see how this holds up since it doesn't even slightly wiggle. The back legs are also screwed into the plywood and the rear 2x6 up against the wall.
  12. Hopefully for the most part I've got the first aid on lock down for the most part having gone to school to be an x-ray tech and all.. But yeah thanks man this garage is going to let me get my own projects done when I want to work on them and not be dictated by the weather and sunlight. And hopefully start making some cash as well. First on the list for me is to get my camry and del sol's all squared away..then to tear into my old MGB-GT and get that thing up and cruising again like it should be. My current boss has also approached me about building/restoring some type of old and huge car like a caddy that is a convertible..Sounds like it could be promising if I can find a shell in decent enough shape. Here's what I've been working on currently that I just finished tonight. I'm by no means anything that even remotely resembles a carpenter but....I'm pretty frickin happy with this work bench. At some point before I actually start working on it and getting it all greasy, I plan on painting it.
  13. Well it's been kinda slow going, cleen up has been insane and it's not even done yet... Today I just started to bring my tools to the shop and build a work bench..Got half way through finishing the bench then called it quits for the night. But my buddies have brought most of their stuff in and here's a pic. '66 ford fairlane with a 302 & '73 vw square back..laying pan.
  14. you need a different cam gear.. and I cant for the life of me remember which one that is.
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