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  1. I'll be in SoCal next month for the Eibach Meet on the 19th in Lake Elsinore if any of you want to meet up. 19th will be a crapshoot as I'll be building a trans for Eibach's new ITR during the event and hanging out with the Eibach guys afterwards but I should have a bit of free time the day before.
  2. B16 valve springs and ITR cams, valve float since 1998.
  3. No. And you can't use VTEC cams in a non VTEC head.
  4. All your doing with the Supertech springs with stock cams is robbing power. Ditch the ES bushings and Megan coilovers. Bore the block and get new pistons.
  5. Never heard ot it. Is it a local class? If so I wouldn't build a car for it unless it is based off of national rules like SFWD, Outlaw, Super Street, etc.
  6. 205/50/15's, 4.058 FD, MFactory 1.000 5th, I cruise at 4,950 RPM at 80mph, with a D series. A moderate RPM (5k) doesn't hurt anything when cruising and nets you better economy if you keep your foot out of it.
  7. If you're not working on it then just pay the shop to do everything including your research.
  8. Yep. If he wants to pay for a one off billet case, shift forks, main and counter shafts, 6th gear, a new 5/6 sleeve assembly, and interlock. Cheaper to just buy a 6spd trans like a Sadev as they start out around 11 grand.
  9. ..SSR..

    96 dx coupe.

    30mpg if its been run into the ground. The Y7 coupes get around 35-37mpg stock. With bolt-ons they'll get around 40mpg. Define "worth it". If its just a street car, leave it as-is. If you're going to race it, build it to the extent of the rules for the class you're going to run in.
  10. ..SSR..

    gears wont go in

    Read my last reply again.
  11. Take it to a drag race (even if its just a bracket series), autocross, or do an HPDE. Decide which one you like and how much of your money you want to piss away on having fun, then proceed from there.
  12. Why not just buy a different car if you're wanting to change all of that? Aside from the front bumper (possibly some rear end body parts as well) and lights, the EL is just a rebadged Civic.
  13. The last one of these I built made 155whp and 133wtq all motor. Custom CP Pistons, Rocket Motorsports headwork, Rocket Motorsports JDM DOHC ZC regrind cams, Rocket Motorsports springs and ti retainers, head milled 1mm (13.5:1 CR), AEM cam gears, Scat rods, custom SMSP header, SMSP race exhaust, Performer-X IM, P28 tuned with eCtune by Redline Performance. Sunoco 110 unleaded. Do the engine all at once, otherwise you're wasting money on two or more tunes. Build it and tow it to the dyno, it will be broken in on the dyno while being tuned.
  14. Look for a badge welded onto it that says Mugen or MTEC. If it doesn't have one, it's fake. The North American Mugen distributor (there is only one) doesn't do wholesale to other shops. If it is just a street car keep it as-is. Otherwise you're going to be paying thousands of dollars for an extra 10whp, aka not-noticable.
  15. ..SSR..

    gears wont go in

    The slave is bad, the clutch is bad, or you didn't bleed it properly.
  16. ..SSR..


    I'll have a booth setup at all of the this year.
  17. You don't want taller gears.
  18. ..SSR..

    d15b jdm ECU??

    What engine do you have? The 4spd trans is really long, the car will not accelerate quickly with it, if you're giving it more throttle than it needs while accelerating that will cause it to bog somewhat.
  19. You look like a dirty snowtrooper.
  20. I don't keep up with meme's.
  21. ..SSR..


    If it is a factory coated valve cover a wire brush will take the coating off. If it isn't coated, a wire brush will scratch it and you'll see brush marks.
  22. You don't. The VTEC solenoid has a screen filter built into the gasket. All the solenoid does is send oil under pressure into the rocker arms to lock the VTEC rocker to the primary rockers which makes the engine run off the VTEC lobes of the cams. Cleaning the solenoid doesn't change the lift, duration, or events of the camshafts.
  23. You don't need any extra power for mountain roads (you should take it to a road course instead). Adding cams and a header/test pipe won't do much for it at the drag strip. Real Mugen parts are called either Mugen or MTEC. They have never been called Mugen Motorsports.
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