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HF Member Picture Thread 2.0


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sneak peek of tonight's makeover- definitely not the most flattering picture. we still have a LONG way to go to get it up to being platinum though. We bleached it out 3 times tonight, and we'll be doing heavy highlights through it tomorrow night and hopefully toning it. Gorden keeps doing a double take whenever he looks at me. haha.

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12.5? oh gawd. not worth it for any reason


hell no. i say make it a 13 hour shift so you could have your second lunch...or is that 12.5 hrs already ahve lunch taken out?

wait what? 12.5 hours for your hair or work and hair?


its like giving yourself an all day fluffing

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12.5 for work and hair... but just working on the hair, total it comes out to being 8.5 hrs.

and here's the finished product. we couldn't take anymore of the color out of the ends because it was going to start burning and breaking the hair.



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If someone can guess my costume, I'll give them a cookie. I really liked this costume and may continue to refine it year by year maybe. Get some real chainmail, add ripped off wings maybe. I designed and built the spaulders (shoulder pads) and painted everything that silver metal color. Added some battle blood and bam.



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you were a guy wearing regular clothes who threw on some armor at the last minute for a half assed costume?

lol that armor was hardly last minute. And no that wasn't my costume. It took me hours to design the shoulder armor.

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