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    2.5 Hybrid motor
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    Huge CSS TMIC
    TGV Deletes and Ported
    Exedy Clutch Kit
    17 psi of awd fury.
  1. in the area im looking, a bit out there but still within like 20-30 minutes from everything needed, im looking at 75k for 3 acres. id love to get that down to 10k an acre but id really have to get out into the boonies, and the lady wouldnt go for that.
  2. yeahh, thats why im renting a house with the fiance right now till we get land and build. Gonna build one hell of a shop for myself. 4 bay, 1 closed off, 2 12's and a 16ft door with 2 lifts. aint fukcin around
  3. im just trying to find land before building here. I hate people so i want to be farther away from neighbors and such. shits cray
  4. Thanks, yeah i love it but goddamn the diesel game is serious money.
  5. You can ask anyone i know, rolling coal and flipped up tow mirrors make me fukcing snap. Its like every kid now has a second gen and just wants to make it smoke. Im so glad can run EFIlive on my truck, found a good tuner out in Iowa who does mine and im putting down 525+/1100 with 50% over injectors and stock turbo with no smoke under WOT. just a bit of haze, which is what you want to see from a properly tuned diesel.
  6. soon im getting the chrome front/rear bumper, grill surround, door handles, and different mirrors all paint matched. then work on getting the fukcer to hoof more
  7. since this place actually had people 6 years ago? evo in my sig has been long gone. 1976 Yamaha XS650 hardtail bobber i built 2008 Suzuki LTR450 2008 Kawasaki kx450F - Stolen 2007 Suzuki GSXR600 - Slow and Sold to fund tranny for my current turd 2009 Kawasaki KFX450R - Fully Walsh built, roughly 15k invested Current Daily 2006 ram 2500 5.9 Cummins First day bought anddd how the money pit sits today lots into the truck so far, hoping to put down 650/1300 this spring with twins and a bit of headwork.
  8. hahahah joking about you brian, but the rest of it is true!
  9. Welcome. If you take advice from brian, you may very well end up with something looking like this bag of d!cks. If you listen to anyone else on here, youll be heckled into doing only an "intake, exhaust, wheels, and lip" because they all have to have fncking identical shitwagons.
  10. brian, he will never be back, and your 9 months late.
  11. Dont listen to a word humphries says. You dont want to end up with a purple hatchback with a bra.
  12. Nice to see everyone is still kissing dudes. Surprised this hasn't been deleted since it says bastard.
  13. Is it just me or does anyone else find Rod Steward extremely creepy today?

  14. The world MUST be ending now....got out of work today early and have the next 4 days off holy shit.

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