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    2006 Acura TSX 6MT w/ Navi
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    Engine and Friends

    * Stock


    * Stock


    * Stock


    * Spash guards


    * Nokya 2500K fog light bulbs
    * White LEDs in license plate


    * OEM all season floor mats
    * OEM trunk tray

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    * Stock


    * Standard eight speaker layout
    * USASpec PA15-HON2 iPod interface


    * Stock

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  1. Welcome. That Integra vs. my 86 on some downhill twisties. Let's do this.
  2. HID projectors alone will be around that. Doing things right isn't always cheap. Such is the balance of things.
  3. Come to the DC area Saphy :)

  4. Doesn't really matter since it'll look like shi* no matter without an HID projector installed. They'll pull you over for blinding everyone, not because of the color. 4300k-5000k is best.
  5. Hahaha I feel that too sometimes, especially on the road. Like letting people get in when merging or something. I feel like we have to look after each other. But some owners are dickheads though.
  6. Don't listen to xeyron, he's living in the past. Sometimes people just want something new and nice man. That's why I trade in my '94. You only live once and I wanted to enjoy the fruits of our technology.
  7. Thanks pally. Yeah it is like what you said. Ppl complain sometimes that that ride is too harsh for an Acura, but it's really not. It's also why it handles so well compared to the TL, which I thought about getting. My other friends who have TSXs also looked at TLs and felt they were too big and handled like poop comparatively. The exterior specs are virtually identical to my old Accord so driving it was very easy to get used to. The TSX was and maybe still is the only Acura still built in Japan so the quality is imo, superior to other models.
  8. Ah. Not bad not bad. But I will never change this cluster for many reasons.
  9. Once you truly love beer, you'll come back to Dogfish. They have a lot to offer for the beer enthusiast. As for that growler, once you open it from the brewery, I'd drink it within 24-48 hrs for optimal freshness. Also if you haven't already, check out http://beeradvocate.com/ for beer reviews. I was kidding, dickwad. Nice to see you too.
  10. Thank otis. As nice as the Accord? gee I didn't know my 5 year old Acura wasn't up to snuff to my 17 year old Honda. lolwut? I don't think so. My mom has an '08 TL and I they're very similar, but I prefer mine personally. (duh)
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