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  1. that's the most recent one- taken xmas eve. (my hair is purple- not blue!)
  2. It was a tongue in cheek statement. Anyway, I'll meet Javy, Julian & Raley at some point I'm sure.
  3. I say Myrtle Beach again. Or Wilmington. Or hell, Raleigh's pretty awesome. Then maybe I could actually go.
  4. speaking of a love of bacon, i totally have a bar of chocolate with bacon pieces through it in my fridge. its pretty delish. I'm making chocolate dipped bacon for my friend's bachelorette party too- I want to see how many people are willing to try it. lmao. And I believe Javy made some bacon brownies the other day...
  5. well damn, is this the "lets update everyone on our lives" thread? lets see... split from Gorden in Nov, moved into a new place on my own, still working at the salon but I'm torn between going to school for cosmetology & esthetician or going for vet tech. and yes, i still have the corolla. lol. Nothing particularly significant going on- I just have random shit that happens to me. lol.
  6. perhaps I can swing it this year. We'll have to see closer to the time.
  7. I've been lurking. I've just been dealing with shit. lol. The holidays are always a stupid time for me. I hate them, so I tend to either go into hiding or to keep as busy as possible. And before that, I developed an obsession with pinterest which was taking up all of my online time. G & I broke up so now I spend most of my time working and trying to fill up my weekends & evenings with things to do with friends. God only knows what's going to happen come the new year though- I'm moving into a new apt & getting a vet tech certification. Still working at the Salon too. You coming to R
  8. its crazy how much we've all grown up over the past few years. haha.
  9. It's okay Seb. England's had a hurricane before... Michael Fish just couldn't admit it was a hurricane until it was too late. Although, I think you might be a little too young to remember that. And you DO get the hurricanes that hit us... except they're just drizzly rain when they reach you. lol. And honestly... would you want to deal with an earthquake, a hurricane and a flood all in the same week, really?
  10. i signed up for google+ the first week it was available... and frankly, I'm not impressed. I find it more complicated and less private than facebook even though it's supposed to be easier and more private. I keep hoping it'll get better, but honestly, I go on there *maybe* once a week if that. Even with all the changes on FB, it's still a much easier site to navigate & use.
  11. I'm not one of those people who freaks out about hurricanes. I don't stock up on bread and water and I don't freak out that we'll be without power/water/ etc. after all- we're a few hundred miles inland. We usually just get some high winds and bad rain. The last time a hurricane actually came this far inland was in 97 with Fran. Floyd was only bad because we had a tropical storm come through the week before & the state hadn't had a chance to prepare for the next one. At this point, its mostly just high winds in the triangle- a few areas have power out and ours was flickering early this mor
  12. i srsly think the neighbours deliberately play shitty music to piss me off on sundays b/c the office isn't open warn them.

  13. Well... I WAS going to try & clean the bathroom, but it appears there's a cricket living in our faucet. & I'm in considerably more pain b/c of it. frack you cricket. frack you.

  14. I can't believe I'm actually watching a movie with Miley Cyrus in it. I must really be ill.

  15. thank god I've never been a heroin addict. I'd probably fail miserably at it. Apparently i have tough veins.

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