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Best frienda teggy stollen

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16 yr old stole the car with his buddy, cops tried stopping him for a traffic violation but the teg pulled on the cop so he gave up next thing you know he hits a 74 yr old man slipts him in 4 peices the gets airborn off the median and slams in a ples and couple of treeskilling himself and the old man, the passenger is in the hospital

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sucks for the guys car but at least hes okay.. he can replace the car




REALLY sucks about the older guy



thats why i get so PO'd about stupid kids driving.. if they just take out themselves okay w/e but they normally take out innocent people too

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^they shouldn't have been out driving that fast and making "traffic violations" to be noticed...I meant.


Sorry about the innocent man and the teg...


My gsr was almost stolen (they ripped apart my steering wheel and wires and all...but couldn't steal it)

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