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  1. ive tried the dielectric grease before it works okay, but the best shit ive used has been the actual shinetsu grease (you can get it form the stealership for an arm and a leg, or get it on ebay for about $10)
  2. if youve never done composite work before, doing the door panels would be damn near impossible to get done right.
  3. ^^^^ this, The black sol I have is from new mexico and was run in the desert boosted on the stock 1/2 rad and doesnt have cooling problems, you have something else going on. When was the last time the water pump and t-stat were replaced? When was the last time the coolant was flushed?
  4. yeah that box is the ballast, steps up voltage to around 7000-20000 volts, which will blow your bulbs and arc with anything close. No bueno!
  5. h4's, just disconect the 3 prong plug from the ballast and put a standard h4 bulb into the socket and plug the 3 hole socket into the 3 prong plug on the back of the h4 bulb
  6. take a picture of the housings and i can tell ya exactly what to do, but the short story is to pull out the ballasts and bulbs, and replace with h4 (if its a single hi/lo bulb) or with a pair of h1 (if its a hi bulb lo bulb set up) DO NOT ATTEMPT TO USE THE BALLASTS WITH HALOGEN BULBS and to be honest, if you cant figure it out, you probably should not be messing with wiring, youll either end up shocking yourself, catching your car on fire, butchering your wiring, or doing it right. that is 75% odds you will screw it up somehow.
  7. BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA (and this is why I live in the northwest!)
  8. check the door harness, odds are you have a loose wire in the grey pin box.
  9. cmgogo

    Del sol body

    good luck, hit up junkyards, cl, HT, DSO, OCO, etc looking for part outs and hope that someone is willing to cut you a panel.
  10. this thread has so much fail I dont know where to begin.
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