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  1. cmgogo

    dash removal

    ive tried the dielectric grease before it works okay, but the best shit ive used has been the actual shinetsu grease (you can get it form the stealership for an arm and a leg, or get it on ebay for about $10)
  2. if youve never done composite work before, doing the door panels would be damn near impossible to get done right.
  3. ^^^^ this, The black sol I have is from new mexico and was run in the desert boosted on the stock 1/2 rad and doesnt have cooling problems, you have something else going on. When was the last time the water pump and t-stat were replaced? When was the last time the coolant was flushed?
  4. yeah that box is the ballast, steps up voltage to around 7000-20000 volts, which will blow your bulbs and arc with anything close. No bueno!
  5. h4's, just disconect the 3 prong plug from the ballast and put a standard h4 bulb into the socket and plug the 3 hole socket into the 3 prong plug on the back of the h4 bulb
  6. take a picture of the housings and i can tell ya exactly what to do, but the short story is to pull out the ballasts and bulbs, and replace with h4 (if its a single hi/lo bulb) or with a pair of h1 (if its a hi bulb lo bulb set up) DO NOT ATTEMPT TO USE THE BALLASTS WITH HALOGEN BULBS and to be honest, if you cant figure it out, you probably should not be messing with wiring, youll either end up shocking yourself, catching your car on fire, butchering your wiring, or doing it right. that is 75% odds you will screw it up somehow.
  7. BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA (and this is why I live in the northwest!)
  8. check the door harness, odds are you have a loose wire in the grey pin box.
  9. cmgogo

    Del sol body

    good luck, hit up junkyards, cl, HT, DSO, OCO, etc looking for part outs and hope that someone is willing to cut you a panel.
  10. this thread has so much fail I dont know where to begin.
  11. ... holding my tongue, but the fury is about to be unleashed in epic proportions.
  12. go with the brembos and hawks, i run them on both sols, and you know that I track both and (well used to) DD the solvic, and they both perform perfectly. the ebc pads make TONS of dust, and tbh dont stop as well as the hawk HP's. Just dont use drilled rotors, if anything other than blanks run a good slotted, but honestly brake fade, even when i track the black sol is next to nil.
  13. boost.... then again, faster isnt always better, you can have all of the power in the world, but without the supporting parts (suspension, brakes, rolling stock) it wont do anything for you besides end up in a flaming wreck on the side of the road.
  14. cmgogo

    civic dx

    if it has a "shorting out kill switch" odds are the suspension that is on it is a hack job ebay special, much like the workman ship on that "kill switch" If I were you, id strip the interior out, and start fixing all the splices, cuts, and fubar wiring that the P/O blessed you with the right way with heat shrink and solder, then get under the car and check the suspension out. odds are its just stock shocks with egay springs. if so, you should replace it ASAP with some better quality parts. The last civic that graced my garage (my neighbors 98 ex) we pulled 22lbs of wire/splices/crimps/tape out of that car from the P/O's hack job installs (including pulling an alarm unit out that was FUBARed). Like I said, pull that car apart, piece by piece, and reinstall everything so you know 100% that it was done the right way, with the right parts.
  15. cmgogo

    civic dx

    2k wont get you far. honestly the first thing you should do is repair any current damage. then invest in suspension (a good setup will run you 600-5k pending what your goals are) then tires and wheels (1k-4kish) then look into putting more power to the ground. If you break the 250whp mark I strongly suggest upgrading your brakes as well.
  16. cmgogo

    Cracked head

    if that even. Your better off just getting a new cam, valves, springs, and tuning it. P&P doesnt do shit on our heads, honda has very clean flowing heads from the factory. About the only thing you can do with them is port match and remove casting marks. If any porting needs to be done its in the intake manifold, not so much the head. Also NEVER polish the intake side, you want to leave it roughed up to help aid in creating a surface boundry layer. The exhaust however feel free to polish. Google "Endwyn" or "the old one" to get some pointers on it.
  17. cmgogo

    94 intgra

    w......t....f???? English motherfu(ker, do you speak it?
  18. yeah i know, shari looks so much better IRL, shame you had to dumb down her looks on here to keep us from stealing her from ya. BTW, i may be making a cross country trip soon (next 6 months or so) since I have 2 weeks off at a time. ill let ya know whats up.
  19. you hear the main relay clicking? and as far as the ecu fuse, you got a short somewhere, find it.
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