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i effin hate deer


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haha. I used to say that on a daily basis when I worked on a farm out in B.F.E.- I usually didn't get home till at least 10pm and there was constantly deer around when I was trying to drive home. I was always terrified I'd hit one.


I'm sorry your car's the worst for wear about it. :(

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I live in the central ohio countryside. Hitting a deer is a regular occurrence. About as frequent as replacing your tires.


Always sucks. Fix those pics, woman!

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well atleast its just the bumper and hood, and not both your headlights, fender and windshield. and of course that your pretty face is okay. is this going to be covered under insurance?

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yes, i have full coverage, have to pay the 250 deductible, i just hope to find a good paint person, im actually kind of excited that i wont have any paint chips and sh!t for like a week. as long as the color matches. adjuster is coming monday.


downside: driving my moms POS raspberry escort wagon till its fixed :(

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suburbs ftw!


suburbs are no protection from deer in the midwest. columbus has to hire hunters every year to thin out the deer in the city and suburban parks because of the multiple times a day that there are deer strikes in the streets bordering the parks.


my coworker has 1.5 acres in an eastern suburb of columbus and he hunts deer via bow while sitting on his back porch.

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only a hood and grille. You got lucky. I've seen cars completely totaled because of deer.


Oh, and SpeedDemon, warranties don't cover any sort of body damage.


meant insurance lol. just glad to hear she is ok :)

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