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  1. sup, the old gang still around?
  2. that can be arranged. give me some time.
  3. seems like it, i ghost around here and there..
  4. VR17

    2004 Civic CEL

    engine light or maintenance light? if its maintenance light which i think, you just need to reset it, should be a square blue button under the steering column(nothing to worry about). if it turns off and on, possible egr or a bad sensor which if the engine light acting faulty if scanner cant read.
  5. Theres most likely a short from the aftermarket radio. I would first check the wiring job on the radio, or check out the car battery current(should be an active from 12-14volts) could be a voltage drop if there is a drain somewhere that could also cause the alternator to not work properly.
  6. my fav team is the cowboys, always been, always will.
  7. DU MA! Whats up? I'm just checking in, du maaaa

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