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I accidentally the coca cola bottle


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after seeing this on a bunch of different stuff i tried it on my friend.


AirJordan2023 (8:46:46 PM): i accidently the coca cola bottle

modified785 (8:47:44 PM): you accidently what the coca cola bottle?

AirJordan2023 (8:47:55 PM): yeah

modified785 (8:48:12 PM): ...

modified785 (8:48:15 PM): what

AirJordan2023 (8:48:17 PM): what

modified785 (8:48:38 PM): I hate you kayle

AirJordan2023 (8:48:41 PM): why

modified785 (8:49:43 PM): cause you speak in noncomplete sentences

AirJordan2023 (8:49:49 PM): no i dont

modified785 (8:50:42 PM): wtvr kay;e

modified785 (8:50:45 PM): kayle even

AirJordan2023 (8:50:46 PM): what are yout alking about


AirJordan2023 (8:51:23 PM): accidently

AirJordan2023 (8:51:39 PM): i accidently did

modified785 (8:52:16 PM): did...what

AirJordan2023 (8:52:24 PM): the coca cola bottle

modified785 (8:53:18 PM): what

modified785 (8:53:19 PM): does

modified785 (8:53:20 PM): that

modified785 (8:53:21 PM): mean

AirJordan2023 (8:53:30 PM): i accidently the coca cola bottle

modified785 (8:55:50 PM): okay

modified785 (8:55:51 PM): sure

AirJordan2023 (8:55:53 PM): what?

AirJordan2023 (8:56:26 PM): what dont you get

modified785 (8:56:48 PM): I dont get what the coca cola bottle is

AirJordan2023 (8:57:21 PM): its what i accidently

modified785 (9:13:47 PM): oh my f*cking god

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