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  1. Or fall over around every corner...
  2. If u can't afford turbo you wont be able to afford much for n/a
  3. I was gonna go outside the box on this one and say a bike but that doesn't seem like ur style and the "immaculate interior" doesn't fit right with that either. I would love u if it was a crx, no homo
  4. How long is this gonna take? You know i never even got a ride in the sol after it was built =(
  5. Only thing i can think of being lower is a mini truck and i dont see you dragging the tail down the highway =p
  6. Sub'd And im half expecting you to come back with an evo. I remember you droolin over that one at cruise night
  7. Bring the lube we'll make it a party. Cruise night is non existant lately its too damn cold
  8. Wtf have u been doing with that thing I thought you were supposed to yave it done weeks ago? Lots of fun (a little too much fun according to the popo), selling it though, I needz a truck, I'm tired of not being able to drive when this craptastic town floods whenever we get a little rain Do you have any tp?
  9. Yo, its been a while what's everyone up to?
  10. a 1/2 stretch of road is plenty and shouldn't be too hard to find, your only getting up to 55 and most roads are rated around 45 so its not like your pushing it too hard. but back on topic the discs and calipers on the srt look about the same size/dimensions as those that would be on a civic and just having the 4 wheel disc and better brake fluid makes a world of difference
  11. well yeah that's what i meant, looks like the pad chiseled out a perfect track, like the pads were too hard and ground the metal right off
  12. Pballer2005


    honestly if you polished the rims up, fixed the drop, respray the front bumper and detail the whole thing it would be pretty clean
  13. Pballer2005


    looks like something a cholo would drive around here....
  14. didn't feel like reading everything but i've heard several complaints that brembo blanks are softer and thus wear faster than oem.
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