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5 Reasons You Love Your Honda/Acura/Sh1tbox


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#1 You are supposed to take off the wheel to replace the alternator

#2 You have to disconnect a motor mount just to change your ac belt

#3 If you hit anything larger then a cat you have to replace your core support

#4 Whether you are or not, everyone assumes you are an obnoxious ricer because you drive an H and are under 40

#5 Requires Ice to perform a one wheel burnout - water just isn't slippery enough.

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1 - it's reliable

2 - chicks dig it

3 - i built it practically from the ground up

4 - is comfortable and quiet enough for anyone to sleep in (including girls and babies)

5 - it's sporty and fairly luxurious (gobs of leather, woodgrain, power everything)

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1. 7,250rpm redline

2. Roof comes off

3. Nobody knows wtf it is

4. Reliable

5. Its possibly the coolest, funnest, and most enjoyable car ever made. Like, EVAR.


Love my sol. I miss my sol. 1 and half weeks till I can drive it again :D

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1) reliable

2) I can change and fix a lot of things on it just by myself

3) cheap parts and cheap insurance

4) manual

5) .....


can't think of anything....I don't like my current car much....I just removed the stickers with a hair dryer and will post pics soon.........

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It was why I love my Honda. Kind of like how the ungly retarded kid is loved by the cheerleading squad. It is so pathetic it is adorable.


Another list:


#1 Still can't figure out where my oil keeps going

#2 So underpowered/undersized I can lift the assembled motor and trans myself.

#3 Suspension is so stiff every time I hit a pot hole something falls off.

#4 RUST, RUST and more RUST.

#5 Wife refuses to ride in it with me anywhere because of #3 - which can be either a bad thing or a good thing depending on how you look at it.

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2.its small so chicks think its CUTE........the car is small... dont get any pervert ideas lol

3.love the fact that everyone tries to race me just cause its a honda

4.parts are easy to get

5.it doesnt take much to make it look nice and to make it fast

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1. AWD.

2. boxer rumble of love

3. Reliable, even though i've changed just about everything a million times lol

4. fast, even though i put around like a g'ma

5. safe and comfy

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