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  1. what year motor did you have? its really not a common occurance...07 and up the factory tune for the sti motor was crap, causing lean conditions and broken ringlands. your motor shouldnt have had oil starvation unless you a) didnt put oil in it (they do tend to eat oil FYI) or b) a broken pickup tube. im kinda out of the loop, im guessing you had an sti swapped wrx?
  2. my bad, ive been getting home too late to snap any. i just washed it today.. ill snap some tomorrow. its getting dropped more though and some more goodies are coming
  3. hm, i gotta see if i can make that. i have something to do on the 2nd.
  4. I didn't know about the lisc thing but I'm going to wicked big meet. When's the lisc thing? I'll have pics up later.. Be patient I'm working lol. It's starting to look better as they sit on my car, but I think they would look best painted and I don't want to do that.
  5. i got my ganador mirrors today...still not too sure how i feel about them. i think i like the stock ones better...but im going to ride with them a few days and see if i change my mind about it. ill get a photo up tomorrow.
  6. hahaha, thanks ben. love u too. and, i really am broke haha. because of my car! and bike....and i like to eat a lot. lol.
  7. test fit...need to adjust suspension and put overfender back on. sumitomo htr z III 255/35/18s, 18x10 +30 rota SVN-Rs. btw, this photo shows nothing of how wide these rims are. they look like normal rims here lol. better pics soon.
  8. just got my alpinestar gloves today and my tank bag...they are soooooo sweet. ganador mirrors should be here monday....got my tires today as well going to get them mounted probably tomorrow !!!
  9. lets hope hopefully they will be here by the end of the week.
  10. these are the only aftermarket mirrors i'd ever buy...and i couldnt pass these up. they are in perfect condition and got them for way cheaper than what they are new. just hoping the cf looks ok because i dont want to paint them since the cf ones are more expensive than the fiberglass ones you can get.
  11. you guys are pretty naive to be saying that if he gets a bike he will be "roadkill" and all this other crap. you already have a car. i love evos...but this would be your 3rd one? obviously you keep selling them for a reason. you ever ride a bike before?
  12. unfortunately its not "real" CF. but....these are 600 dollar mirrors that i got for waaay cheaper even the fiberglass ones are 525...ouch!
  13. haha, you have no idea the wiring involved in putting that wheel in my car. i made a DIY over on nasioc. yeah man thats cool with me. maybe in a week or two...i wanna get the car setup first otis - thanks man, i cant wait either. tires will be ordered on monday...should get them tues or wednesday. then hopefully ill be able to mount them up.
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