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Post your Xtranormal video


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Just click the link above the movie that I made where it says "Make a Movie" or whatever. Just play around with it and make a movie....then when you go to publish, it will prompt you to register (free)....then it will upload and you can link to it.


That movie took me about 20-25 minutes to make since it was my first one. I could probably do one like that in about 10 minutes now.



Make some funny movies with HF characters guys and post them up....I still laugh at mine....I love the little hip dance and the kung fu moves.

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hahahahah nate this sh!ts priceless, had me LMAO :laugh:



"hi my name is chrisakassr" LMAO!!


"im your friend, i love you like i love my sister, i want to marry you" <-- that made me ROFL!!

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