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Pictures of my son


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Yup this is my first and honestly it still doesn't seem real. I mean he is home and all and we are doing the parenting thing but it just doesn't feel real. I guess that is cause he is such a good kid so far. He barely cries, and most of the time he just chills with us and is very laid back. I hope it says that way lol.


Also all I can keep thinking is that when people see me with him in public that their first thought is "that guy is too young to have a kid..." I know he has only been here for a couple of days but I can't imagine my life without him and my wife.

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You know your modesty is bad when I half-expect you to ask for noodz of a newborn

my modesty? you're the perv thats thinking such things, i prefer much older toys, thank you.

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