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<florida. all parts of it. tampa. hudson, ft lauderdale, tallahassee, jacksonville.


<does a lot of traveling. for the last year has had his ass planted in one place. amazed too.

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I'm from SoCal...right where LA County meets the Orange Curtain, and stuck with the infamous area code: 909. LOL.

i used to live in the 909, then it got changed to 951. but then i moved to the 619/760 but im soon moving back to 951 where all the white people kick it and drink starbucks.

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Never had Starbucks. I'm good with DD (Dunkin Donuts). What's D&D? Dungeons and Dragons? lol


It's actually more like DND. I hope you weren't seriously asking what it means?


After Starbucks f's you on pricing, you get a product that has a burnt taste, and a terrible after taste. Yummmmm.>_<

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I'm from Glendale (north west city of LA county) in sothern California...


lol @ 909 comments...for everyone who don't know, the 909 area is made fun of all day long on a famous rock radio station here...then they changed it to 951...haha like that helps...it's known as "ghetto" (I'm not saying this...that's what they call it)...


I wanna move out of Cali ASAP!

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well maybe youre in the wrong part of cali!


where are you gonna go?


i wouldnt mind going back to europe. i miss it there. Id love to live in an open villa above the mediterranean sea with the warm breeze flowing throughout the house.

or back in germany near Bavaria just south of where i was born. both are beautiful places

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Starbucks isn't overpriced if you only buy their drip coffee, like I do. $2.10 isn't bad at all for a large.


I went to California once to snowboard at Lake Tahoe for a few days. It was pretty nice around there, but not nice enough for me to want to live there. Stayed in San Fransisco for one night too, nice town. Too many gheys though :ninja:

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