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7 Blue Bar Club


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whoa, wtf.

i thought threads like this werent allowed?

see! i surpassed buddy sol!

sup is in my sights.:devil:

ill have 7 bars soon enough.

ive posted alot since ive been a member.


if i keep going the way i am, ill have 7 bars within three months.

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psssh, you're lucky that deleting posts doesn't lower post count... all of you. especially you, vr. you'd be down to 0 in minutes ;-) haha.



(j/p, naturally -- before vr comes all ninja attacking on me)

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okay mike, i mean solles, wait... i mean ricky.


awww, i love you too nancy.

at least with my posts, i can provide car pics. =P

and i have actual hf witnesses.


besides, id like to think im a little bit better looking than those two

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