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  1. I have two out of a set of 3 hasport mounts for eg/dc civics. The one missing is the timing chain side mount, which can be purchased individually in either 2 post hole or 3 post hole. The trans side mount bushing is cosmetically torn, but will not affect the performance of these mounts. PM me if interested. $125
  2. As of now I dont wanna part the car out, but if this guy comes through on buying the motor i will consider parting the rest of the car.
  3. Oh I got back at her good, I advertised my cars for sale! This isnt about getting at anyone. You have no idea what is/was going on anyways, so how about you just let this be about selling two cars, and not about anything else? These are also for sale locally, and I have a guy coming to check out the long block in the hatch this weekend. Will adjust prices accordingly if another motor goes in.
  4. Hmm, why dont we see if Lina will answer that for us? In the mean time, buy these.
  5. It happened, Ive been expecting it to happen, and today it finally did. My dreams were crushed, along with my passion for Hondas. I dont want these cars anymore. If intereseted, email aw11_driver at yahoo.com(spelled out to stop spammers), as I wont be logging on the check this. Plz bump if viewed/you remember who I am. 92 Honda Civic DX hatch - $6000 JDM B18C B16 Trans Action 1MD clutch 7 lb. flywheel AEBS Whirlwind Intake manifold 65mm throttle body 3 " SRI with bpi V-stack and k&n filter Buddy Club Tri-Y race header 2.5" test pipe 2.5" exhaust Phearable.net tuned ecu Gat
  6. Hood pins > hood flying off while driving. The hood is super light, it weighs like -3 pounds. No, I loaned the car to my buddy, and he put the hood on it. My stock one is on his car but he is about to deploy.
  7. Aerocatch hood pins installed, plus a cool pic I took while driving on the highway.
  8. MFactory bubble wrap. How the hell did you get that so soon? Lol.
  9. To a voltage sender unit and a oil pressure sender unit....On TB, there should be 2 sensors, TPS and MAP.
  10. I had the opposite problem with my Buddy Club header and test pipe, since the race spec header is so much longer than even the JDM ITR 4-1 header. I ended up having to cut off about 3-4 inches off of my adjustable test pipe to get it to fit. The test pipe is so short now, lol. But its nice having 2.5" exhaust from the collector in the header back.
  11. I wanted to be The Stig, but I forgot Halloween was so close so I'm not sure if I have enough time to find what I need.
  12. Glad you like it, Lina.
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