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So What's Been goin on doodz?


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Sooo, I'm not on here...ever...and haven't really got back into the car scene yet, i will when i get a new car...


I just wanna know what's goin' on in your lives? Doesn't have to be an essay, but just want a few points ya know...


I'll fill you in on mine real quick...


1. Got kicked out of Eastern University for grades, now i go to community college and love it...awesome teachers/girls


2. I got a job as a cashier at Giant Supermarket...whatev


3. Drivin' the '02 Camry w/ da woodz grain dashhh...ballin'


4. Haven't seen Rob in forever, it's pissing me off.


5. I miss you guys... :heart:

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Rob's been off and on. Hard to catch him.


Short summary of what's happened with me recently --


Sold the Trans Am. Got some money off of it. Putting it towards a trip to So Fla when I find a job down there. Bought a '94 LS Teggy. Fun little stocker. Looking into getting something else to drive while I work on it. DOn't wanna' be without a vehicle if the Teg has downtime.


Long time no see.

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goin to the university of arizona still, yay.


we beat #2 oregon, bigger yay.


swapped in a ridgeline motor into my sol, now its fast and even more furious


rbolander came out of the closet, yay for him

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i might be going to new york city tomorrow to meet with an investor and ill be out there for a few days, at least until friday.


i still ride a motorcycle.


i recently moved into a 3000 square foot 4 bedroom house 5 minutes from the beach.


Im starting my own business


i missed you. lol. in a non gay way of course


EDIT: Airjordan, ur an a$$. to the ovens with you!

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Still working a crappy IT job that I don't like


Still in school in the evenings


Still have a baby and a wife


Still have the teggy


Stopped sinking money into the car


Sold(selling) the Civic Si wheels and running the black 14's year round


Traded the money pit car hobby for a money pit photography hobby


Bought a DSLR and saving for some new glass

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selling my fp green setup, going with a rotated gt30r, tune date is december 6th.


got a jdm front lip, jdm rear spats, sparco torino 2's and full tr wrx interior.



so other than wasting away all my money and now bein po', same crap diff day lol

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w/b dan! i thought you got too cool for us and left forever :( lol


can't think of much that has changed here, except that i'm back to the single life lol

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