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  1. Chubs

    Lower Control Arm

    WOW! YOU ARE SO frackED! Don't worry chief this happens to every pre 95 Honda when removing the rear lca bolt, there has been so many thousands of pounds of weight on it for years then you just go hitting it with an impact, of course it is going to snap. My suggestion, buy aftermarket lower control arms, buy an air hammer w/ a chisel bit and stick that sucker in a vice and have at it, or run to your closest napa and buy basically an oe replacement. The choice is yours. If you do go the air hammer route though, you are probably going to shred the bushing within the control arm though. Just replace the lca bolts with ones of the same length/thread pitch. You wouldn't believe what I had to go through to get my setup to work......
  2. I'm all for layin low but make sure you do it right bro, there's a lot more to it than just some coilovers, I have well over 6k in suspension alone in my scca hatch. Nothing is left factory with suspension on this car. Corner weighted and balanced 49% 51% crossweight. Points to whoever can tell me what kind of coilovers I run and what Wheels I daily +-)
  3. Chubs

    new hatchy

    Diggin the front lip paint matched, butttt in my opinion I like to leave the grille and fog light vents factory until needed removed otherwise, just me though
  4. I'm confused, were you replying to my post ?
  5. Thanks bro I have a lot of hours/days/weeks/months/years of time stuck into her haha, so many people that have never actually built a car to the caliber of the prelude don't appreciate the work, and in less you walk around with deep pockets it takes a lot more than just cash to go out on a limb and build something original like the lude. I lerk around the forums whenever I actually take the time to sit at the computer, most of the time if I'm busy I just hop online from my android. Butttt, I wont lie, I missed you guys so I had to drop in
  6. Thanks man, good to see you still have your SI, I remember a few years back when you first got that rig and you were going back and forth as to what you were going to do with it, if I recall you even had it up for sale/trade for some time. Glad to see you decided to keep her and give her the love it needed, keep up the good work!
  7. Awesome pictures everyone, keep up the good work! Here are a few quick shots from a few years back when I had my high compression set up in the prelude, and a few more recent shots on my first boosted setup when she was squeezing 697whp 582wtq 34psi set up, at the time (spring 09-fall 2010) haha she was my daily driver/beer go getter. All work throughout all my projects over the years has been done by myself, accept paint/body work GOTTA LOVE A QUAIFE!! ^ Only diff I have ever been pleased with! My new daily ^ all motor high compression SCCA/time attack 93CX
  8. Get the part number off the belt (Even if it is an aftermarket belt) and find out what it is. IF it has the wrong belt, I highly doubt it would have even gone on ( I have always built mini-me and ls/cr vtec swaps correct so I am not sure how using the wrong belt would turn out ) in less someone really rigged this thing up with a different tensioner/cam gear etc. More than likely the belt is walking off because the outer belt guide (located on the crankshaft behind crank pulley) is missing, if you remove the top cam cover and know what you are looking for, you will be able to see it if it's there. And as far as your distributor goes, I am unsure if it is all the way retarded or advanced because I can't see it, but either way whoever did the job never set timing on the motor, or didn't know how to.. Pictures would very much help.
  9. It really doesn't make a difference if the motor is in or out, the rack drops from below. You could get away with using a power steering rack and just looping the power steering fluid lines so it recirculates the fluid, but I have RARELY seen a manual rack go out man I would just hold off and occasionally check for signs of wear such as play in the rack. ( The steering wheel will turn minimal amounts without the actual wheels turning, you will know if this happens especially while driving ) Get a second opinion on it man, or post up a picture on here and explain symptoms and I will be more than willing to help I am an ASE certified Honda technician. If I had to guess, I would say it is axle grease coming from a torn axle boot and is spraying onto engine compartment while driving.
  10. Chubs

    Dim Brake Lights

    The switch is located on the top back side of the brake pedal, it can be adjusted to engage at different pedal positions but not for brightness, more than likely you have a minor short in the wiring somewhere that is causing it to short out at times, or whoever did the led job cut some corners on the installation ?? I would take a volt meter to it..
  11. Sorry chief, you are not going to get the radio code online, trust me, I work at Honda and I would be more than willing to get you the code on Monday when I go back to work, but unless you contact a dealership and give them your make, model, year and vin number you are not getting a code, they are individually coded for each vehicle for theft purposes. Good luck man! PM me with vehicle info if you would like me to get that for you on Monday.
  12. To the young fellow just starting out, go with your heart man and do your homework, take your time on choosing your first ride man because you want to make it something special! Believe it or not, my prelude is the first car I ever bought and owned, I have had her for eight years now and she has gone through TONS of changes throughout the years man and now making more power and torque than anyone ever thought it could make. Even though she is now a trailer queen and only runs on the track or at the occasional street race fueled from crap talk, my greatest achievements are made through her! Even though I have other projects my prelude will always be the one that I will own till I die. I have seen friends buy and sell cars like you wouldn't believe, most of the time loosing out because they lost interest or didn't have the guts to finish a project and it's sad to know what could have been. My prelude speaks for itself and is a RARE and unlikely piece especially in the sport compact world of drag racing. Usually you see vehicles much lighter (civics, integras, etc.) but I never let that shoot me down, I just had to focus on weight reduction and lots of torque! Horsepower is on thing, but torque is what will really get you down the track. Take your time man, it will pay off in the long run! By the way, the pretty K-motor gun metal hatch, yeah thats a K20R and trans
  13. Life has been treating me very good!! Sorry I haven't posted in over a year, I loose myself when I'm working on my cars and somehow time just seems to get away from me, BUT, I didn't forget about ya guys :-) I never forget my roots, crap I was posting on this forum for some time before I decided to even think about Honda-Tech, or any other forum at that! Haha, this is just such an awesome community on here because it isn't ginormous and over populated, so everyone gets to know everyone on here, till this day it is still my favorite web site! But enough of that, how has everyone else been since the last time I talked to ya, and PLEASE!!! let me know where everyone is on their projects, I love to see how far they have come!
  14. Ahhh, I dunno how many people still post on here who will even remember me unless you are one of the select few who knew me many years ago when this forum literally first began. Anyways, I still own my 98 Prelude, accept now she is an all out SFWD NHRA drag car. A couple years ago I broke 6xxWHP at 5xxWTQ at 34PSI (Don't remember the actual numbers but they were pretty high for 2007) Well, she just broke 856WHP 723WTQ at 40PSI on my new motor/turbo setup. It's another H22, fully built, stroked, funky cam combo, Borg Warner S372 turbo, and much much more.. I haven't ran her in the 1/4 with the new setup but I am preparing to break a single digit pass sometime this summer! frack!!!!! My best trap so far was back in September 2010, she broke a 10:49@156MPH. Well here are some recent-ish photos of her, also just got finished with my cage, it was a 6-point for the last four years but I had to add onto it to make it a 12-point so it could meet NHRA certifications for my new class. Here is a few sneek peeeks!! If anyone has any questions feel free to ask.. Here are a few quick shots of my all-motor, High Compression 93cx hatch, she's my daily and I also run her in SCCA often. Just got finished stripping the entire thing and doing a full color change re-spraying everything "S2000 New Formula Red." Thousands of dollars in wheels and suspension alone. Wheels/Tires: OLD SCHOOL and all original Enkei J-Speed's 15x9 +20 offset W/ Yokohama Advan neova's and Rays lug nuts. Suspension: P.I.C. (Power in control) select 16-way adj. coilovers (Very difficult to get!), Buddy Club P1 upper camber plates, ASR subframe brace, ASR 32mm hollow sway bar, STR end links, Skunk2 pro-series rear LCA's, EM-Racing C-pillar bar, EM rear 4-point strut tower bar, EM front 3-point strut tower bar, tons and tons of other crap I don't feel like typing! And a few projects
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