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what color to paint the civic


what color??  

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  1. 1. what color should i paint my civic?

    • STI blue
    • Electron blue pearl
    • Nighthawk black
    • other

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basiclly iv been doing some body work to the civic. wanting to get it painted by the end of novemberish. so far im lookin at either blues or blacks. dont care for reds or whites.



iv heard that blacks show body flaws more. is that true? im kinda steering away from the two blues i posted because everybody is starting to paint civics those two colors.



give me your opinions.

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yea black shows pretty much everything thats wrong with the surface that was painted or the way u got it painted. White on the other hand is a champ at coverin that sh*t up.

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Nighthawk black - It looks gorgeous on the car, especially when the car is clean!


But if you don't want to do black because it shows flaws, then I'd say on your kind of Civic, darker blue like closer to navy blue would look hotter than sti blue...imo

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idk. im leanin more towards the color alex suggested. car is gonna take longer to get painted. sanded a little bit of stuff down the other day and gonna have to bondo a little bit and see if theres any rust. so far no rust that iv seen. thinkin about buying some eg9 civic ferio doors. they have the bronze tinted glass, power door locks, power windows. still debating that tho. paint might not be until next year because i still have to replace sunroof, sand, fix any dings and dongs, primer, seal then get rdy for paint. wanting to find a cheap beater car to take the civic off the road about the time i get rdy to paint to get engine bay and possibly strip interior to paint all of that as well.



edit- also i see alot of pple starting to paint their civics sti blue and electron blue. havnt seen any with the indigo ink pearl.



not wanting to give it a domestic color either (sry brian) good to have you back home buddy :) :thumbup:

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that colors nice too. still leanin more towards the indigo ink pearl tho lol. maybe cf hood with it, some 50/50 tails, oem headlights with amber corners, and some gold slipstreams.



dwayne got a pic of the cobalt blue??

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this blue is nice too.



Sh!t brown would look good on that car.


Paint it with elephant feces and it would still look good.


Plus that's a lot of photography.

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