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went to walmart.. wanted to kill someone so we left


went to the mall and it was pretty much empty.. ended up gettin a bunch of clothes and the purchase i made at victorias secret was going to be $205.00.. but i ended up paying $96.00


and then i went home and went to sleep :thumbsup:

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the line at fry's electronics was crazy long. luckily i knew a friend was working. woke up at 11am, walked in store. walked up to the reg pay and go.

oh i bought a evga 9800gt superclocked video card for 60bucks with employee discount on black friday. and alot of soda at longs 4 12packs pepsi for 8 bucks. then i went home and had me a turkey sandwich ninja.gif

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I went to Old Navy, Michaels, DSW, Target, & Dicks. I only bought stuff at Old Navy though. Chris got stuck working at Best Buy from 4am-1pm, and his so simple job of being the cashier for the day got thrown out of the window after about half an hour. He's one of their best salespeople in his department & his boss didn't want him working something easy when he's one of the few who can actually sell things and know what he's talking about. By the time he finished his shift he'd had about 15 redbulls and was literally bouncing off the walls.

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