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    Honda's, Imports in General, Video games, Paintball, and just having fun generally. I live with the love of my life Erin and my two kittys in complete and utter happiness. Unless she tries to watch TV to much when I want to play my 360 then I have to kill her. Love you babe.
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    94' Honda Del Sol Si
  1. Since your in ohio check out ohio-hondas.com first cause a guy on there has a complete b-series swap he got from hmotors 15,000 miles ago (so likely 50k or less) for sale. Last thread bump I scene he had it for $1200. He appears to have a legit support from the forums too so it's definitly worth checking into if your even considering this. GL. EDIT: And yeah Hmotors should be a fair amount more considering the pretty much guarnteed miles (averaging round 30k) and the fact that they are inspected and cared for a great deal more than some guy ripping it out of a car and selling it.
  2. I actually like the sound of that downloadable content. Cause I generally only game with one friend in COD or so, so it be interesting to play a game where it's just 2 on 2, especially in RE5 where strategy will be key.
  3. I didn't read past the first thread. Epic fail.
  4. Scene this on slickdeals.net lol.
  5. COD:MW2, Front Mission 2, Forza 3, Battlefield 1943, DragonAge: Orgins
  6. jerrodh


    Hello and welcome!
  7. What was the dowloadable content for it? I didn't even see that.
  8. Tips for selling anything. Good pics in good lighting. And clean the car up best possible. I made almost $1000 by cleaning a truck up and taking good pictures of it. And many people do the same and do it better.
  9. Yeah if your looking for cheap find a local shop to fab you up one. On a 'stock' z6 2.5" would be more than enough. Might also wanna try CL for a cheap catback. I've sceen plunty of fair/good shape Greedy catbacks from various cars go for as low as $100.
  10. That is a killer deal on the motor considering you'd pay $2250 shipped for a stock b16. :( I'm serious bout that turbo kit dude, I'll be in Nashville for IA for sure, so don't be in a hurry to sell that crap before talking with me some! Sweet buy btw!
  11. So are you parting it out for sure or what? And I'm really considering scrapping up together money for that turbo kit, but do I get a Hondaforums discount haha? What all would be included in the turbo kit if you do sell it bro? And any price guess on rims/tires setup?
  12. Craigslist is your friend. Greddy's exhaust arn't a favorite on these boards but I've scene a few from time to time go for $100-$150 in good condition.
  13. Why buy a turbo kit only to not use the turbo with it? Seems like a fail to me. Best bet save your money and buy a real kit or peice together your own. Buying used quality parts never hurt anyone. My buddy has peiced together a kit that rivals say greddy's complete kit for less than $1000, including injectors, fuel pump, and s300 for tuning. All used but all that for $1000 compared to $3000-$4000+
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