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Happy birthday, mang. Seems like you've been becoming a bit more of a reg on here recently. Cool.

Yeah, i figure if im gonna be online i ought to at least give/recieve input/advice on my car. (well the car i used to have, and one i will probbaly be getting next time i go buy a vehicle). Plus, i get bore just surfing the web, and yall are pretty cool to talk to. So its all good. Thanks for the bday wishes.

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happy birthday!! my 21st was lame, but at least i don't remember much of it! hope you have a blast!

Thanks. Hopin mine doesnt suck. Im gonna be heading to Athens (UGA campus) and throwin a party.. i figure if no one shows up i figure i'll just make my way down town..lol

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Happy bday...have a shot of Patron or 151 for me :)

Gave up the 151 after blacking out roughly 9 times..lol..( i have a tendency to drink the whole bottle).. but i will deff. throw a few beers back for ya.

Thanks everyone for the bay wishes.

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i went to the bar i have been drinking at for about 3 years... made them check my id.. and preceede to drink about 5 pitchures(sp) of bid light, and about 2-3 shots of patron... im kinda still drunk... ok... so by kinda.. i mean really...lol

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