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Snow pictures -- post 'em up

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Forgive me for starting this thread again this year, but I just think cars covered in snow are so picturesque. Kind of like an evergreen in snow, but... more manly... and rugged... Yeah.


We got a little dusting today so I snapped a few pics with my phone.

In the morning:





Later on after school:



Picture of some teggy owned by a guy I talked to once that usually parks next to me:



Has some weird badge on the side for some reason:



And a shot that I flipped and cropped of the view out the rear window in my car that I thought was cool.



Please feel free to add to the collection throughout the season, by all means.

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we just got some today for the first time this winter

although I haven't gone outside all day cuz I've been working on final projects

so here it is tonight

(my poor little coupe looks so cold and lonely :sad: )


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it aint snowed yet over here in the uk yet, well not where i live anyways, but heres a couple of shots from winter earlier this year! Man i wish we got snow like u guys do over there! doesnt get anywhere near as deep as id like it to be where i live!


no man snow sucks

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